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2008 In Review

Article written by MJ Staff

Date Added: 12/30/2008

2008 is now gone, and before we put it away for good; let?s take a quick look back at the past year.

In 2008 we published more than fifty articles. Thinking back, we spent a lot of hours taking pictures, assembling, disassembling to take the picture we missed, and writing only to have the Editor chop it up and spit it back. What kind of mental illness must we all be suffering from to continue to do this? So kick back as we walk you through just some of the many lost months out of our lives in 2008 that we will never get back.
The Health Hazards Of Donuts
This is our public service announcement for the health of your Jeep.
Solid Axle Industries HD44 Install
You need and axle, but don't want to give up ground clearance, here is the answer.
Industro Sockets
Sometimes a great idea is not enough. It seems that Industro went out of business not too long after the running of this article. Our recommendation: if you can find these tools, buy them. You won't find better.
Pro Comp Shock Relocators
If you have a lifted, then you must do this modification.
Don't Screw With The MOJO!
This is a great read about wheeling in Moab, enjoy.
Redneck Ram Review
The stock power steering pump is good, but pushing 33's and greater it might be time to consider an upgrade.

Installing West Texas Offroad?s Redneck Ram

PBR® High Performance Rancher Gloves
To date we have not found a better all around working glove.
Hi Tec... I mean Treadwright Inc. Revisited
We keep coming back to these tires and they don't disappoint. We will be releasing our next review of Treadwrights latest tire in the next few months.
ZJ headlight restore
Any vehicle with acrylic lenses could use this lens restoration tip.
Guide To Moab, UT Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails
Like having tires on your Jeep... you will really want this book when wheeling Moab.
Black Diamond Adjustable Front Track Bar
Our "Final Thoughts" said it all about this product. To sum it up, shop elsewhere.
Exide Select Orbital Deep Cycle & Starting
If we had a top ten list of product failures this would be #1. Since the publishing of this article we have heard from others sharing their same experience as ours.
Replace Your Crescent Wrench?
We like this Crescent Wrench but as we suspected you must keep the internal mechanism clean or it binds.
Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor
These tires perform and continue to impress. Now that we are heading into winter these tires have shown there outstanding traction is not foreign to snow and ice.
What can I do to get my performance back?
Gas prices have turned around and are no longer breaking the bank but the truths of this article are still the same.
Teraflex 3" JK Lift Review
This lift is like a highly disciplined soldier... quietly performs the job with no complaints (noise).

Lift Installation

Brown Dog 1? Motor Mount Lift
A "Top Choice" pick and still holding strong.
HAUL-MASTER Cargo Carrier
From helping a friend move, to carrying a kid's motorcycle, we can't tell you how useful this product has been.
Fold Down Tray Table Installation
Great idea, great product, and you will always have a sponge handy.
Bondo-Glass Fiberglass Repair
Bondo-Glass Fiberglass is holding up flawlessly and making us dream up other uses just to play with it.
Unichip Plug N? Play Computer
The proof is in the fact we have had no "Check Engine" lights.
Cooper Discoverer STT
A high performance off road tire with pleasing on road manners. What more do would you want?
Trail Recovery Hook
Simple, useful, and we keep it on hand.
Trueflow XDI Cold Air Intake
We shared the secret of how to get the promised performance from your cold air intake, and we like the unique throaty sound it gives.
Why Discount Tire?
If you wheel and are looking to buy some tires, then you should consider Discount Tire.
And now a word from our sponsors... kind of?
Take care of them so they will be there to take care of you.
Winch Lobster
If you're running cable, then this crustacean may be for you.
Plews and Edelmann LubriMatic 05-019
This is the right tool for the job and we tell you where to get it.

You may remember this article: CV Joint Maintenance.
As we suspected/stated, and later confirmed, IT DID NOT WORK! Guess we can't get them all right. So pretend we didn't write that article and just read the Plews and Edelmann LubriMatic 05-019 article.

Final Thoughts

There it is. 2008 is now officially put away.

Our Thank You's!

Thank you for reading MOABJEEPER Magazine and supporting our sponsors. We look forward to 2009 and seeing you all out on the trail.

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