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CV Joint Maintenance

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 07/23/2008

MOABJEEPER Magazine performs a bit of CV maintenance? we think?

While visiting with Tom Wood?s Custom Drive Shafts, we were discussing the proper care and maintenance of drive shafts. While there isn?t a whole to know, we did learn that some CV joints, such as Tom?s, are greaseable. All you need to do this is a Grease Injector Needle fitting for your grease gun.


1. We purchased this one from Autozone for less than $4.

2. On one end of the Grease Injector Needle is traditional grease fitting.

3. The other end has a very sharp needle. The sharp point is to press through seals and grease bearings that are not normally accessible.
 We didn?t need the point so sharp, so we took our grinder to it and got rid of the sharp tip. Besides the fact we didn?t need it that sharp for our application, we have an unfortunate tendency to hurt ourselves with point objects? but that?s another story.

4. Now that you have seen the tool needed, let?s show you what you?re looking for on your drive shaft CV joint.

Rotate the drive shaft until you see this little ramped fitting. Located in the center is a small spring loaded ball bearing that keeps it sealed.

5. Slide the needle into the ramped fitting on the driveshaft and squeeze some grease in.

Final Thoughts

At the beginning we said, ?we think? in regards to whether or not we performed maintenance. We can?t say just how much grease we got into the CV joint. It seemed that most of it just oozed back on us.

Will we continue to grease the CV? For the small cost of the Grease Needle Injector, and the fact we religiously maintain our vehicles, we have to believe it is helping.


Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: Autozone
Address: Local Purchase
, UT
Website: http://http://www.autozone.com/home.htm

Our Thank You's!

Thank you for reading MOABJEEPER Magazine.

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