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Teraflex Flex Arm Installation

Article written by Carl "Silverback" Schaible

Date Added: 04/26/2009

In round two of the suspension upgrade on MOABJEEPER Magazine's Project JK, we wanted to add a little more "flex". Follow along as we install a full set of Flex Arms and get them aligned by TeraflexPlus.

Let's face it; any time you add a suspension lift over about 2? to any vehicle, your suspension geometry will likely be thrown off enough to encounter some issues both on and off road. To counter these problems on our JK, we added a full set of FlexArms from Teraflex to our existing Teraflex 3? spring lift. A set of adjustable FlexArms allows you to set caster, re-center your axles in the wheel wells, and get a proper wheel alignment. As the picture illustrates, our alignment needed some serious help.


1. Installing the FlexArms is the easy part of this process. So easy in fact, that we?re not going to spend a lot of time going over it. Using the chart you receive from TeraFlex (pictured at left) adjust each FlexArm so that the measurement from center hole to center hole matches their recommendation. Working one arm at a time, unbolt the factory arm, and bolt in the FlexArm. This really did not take us long at all, but the most important part is not getting the FlexArms in place; it is getting them dialed in so that your geometry is corrected and your alignment is perfect. For that job, we decided to take a little ride out to TeraFlex Plus.

2. When we got to TeraFlex Plus, the guys hooked the ?Beast? up to their alignment equipment. They quickly found that pinion angle, caster, and thrust angle were all off. With the starting numbers in hand, they set out to do what they do best and get things adjusted.

3. They jacked up the driveshafts to set the correct angles.

4. And they used ratchet straps to "coax" things into place.

5. Once all FlexArms had been properly adjusted to dial in geometry and alignment, all that was left was for TeraFlex Plus to do was go around and tighten down all the jam nuts to hold everything in place.

6. The last piece of this process was to center the steering wheel. As you can see in the picture, after the alignment was dialed in, the steering wheel position was significantly off.

7. They adjusted the steering wheel, and tightened everything back down. We pulled off the rack with a perfectly aligned JK!!

Installation Issues

None. Letting professionals do the job avoids all sorts of problems. Hmmmm, we should do this more often.

Final Thoughts

Installing the FlexArms was quick and painless. Okay so we had to use a hammer and prybar a couple times, but it was really easy. MOABJEEPER Magazine just wants to take this opportunity to seriously recommend you take your Jeep to a real alignment shop after installing the arms. The end result is much better than anything you can do in your garage with a tape measure and angle finder. A proper alignment easily pays for itself by significantly extending the life of your expensive off-road tires. Further, if you are fortunate enough to get your alignment done out at TeraFlex Plus, you likely are going to take a little test spin with Dennis Woods, who runs the shop, to make sure he is happy with it as well.

As for the FlexArms themselves, WOW what a difference. On road handling was tighter without being harsh. The arms cycle smoothly and operate quietly. The rod ends on the arms allow for a huge amount of twist letting the suspension cycle smoothly without putting any extra stress on the frame and axle mounts. The FlexArms are definitely worth adding onto the basic 3? lift we installed earlier for an unbeatable suspension system.


Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: Teraflex
Address: 5251 South Commerce Dr
Murray, UT 84107
Phone: 801-288-2585
Website: http://www.teraflex.biz/

Our Thank You's!

MOABJEEPER Magazine would like to thank Dennis and all the guys out at TeraflexPlus for getting the Beast rolling down the road with their new FlexArm system.

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