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SpiderWebShade - UltraMesh & TrailMesh

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 04/21/2012

It is obvious that a huge part of the great fun of owning a Jeep is the open-top wheeling that goes with the vehicle. However, it does not take long to realize that open-top fun comes with the bonus of a free sunburn.

This in and of itself presents a huge problem. Open top = excellent view = sunburn. OR, some kind of minimal top = lost open-air view = no sunburn. Looking at it like a math problem, the equation says that you have to give up something to get something.
Unless? you own a SpiderWebShade

Whether you found us through a Google search, or you?re a long time reader, you know we have written on the SpiderWebShade a number of times. But don?t worry, this isn?t a recycling of old articles. We want to tell you about the great new product improvements and offerings from SpiderWebShade.

*note: If you?re not familiar with this product check out these previous articles and videos to see why we love SpiderWebShade so much.

Check out this first review and video embedded.

Check out this 1 year update and video embedded.


Jeeps are like art, an expression of ourselves. Unfortunately, many personal expressions don?t always fit into the world around us - Jeeps are no different. Expressing yourself with a custom roll cage, for example, may have the same effect of not fitting in ? or at least not fitting your aftermarket top. In other words, traditional Safari or bikini tops do not fit custom cages as the roll cages bars no longer conform to the ?norm?.

UltraMesh gives you the same great sun protection and lower cab area temperatures as the generation 1 product, but is customizable to your Jeeps individual personality. This top is made of a stretchy material so that you can make it fit your rig?s own personality, whatever that may be.


Okay, so you?re a conformist (or simply don?t need a full set of monkey bars to show who you are because your wheeling skills do it for you). Then check out SpiderWebShade TrailMesh.

TrailMesh is closer in appearance to the generation 1 shade, but the material is pvc coated and even stronger than before. This shade is intended to follow traditional lines as it is NOT stretchy.

UltraMesh v. TrailMesh

Without seeing them it might be hard to determine which one is for you; let me give you the tale of the tape.

UltraMesh TrailMesh
No header usedNo header used
Stretchy form fittingNOT Stretchy
Fits non-traditional cagesFits traditional cages
Wheeling with little brush drag Holds up to pin-striping trail brush
1 Year warranty5 Year Warranty

New Product - SpiderWeb SideShades

Sometimes more is better and utilizing SpiderWebShade material on the sides offers so many cool (pun intended) advantages. Just like the overhead SpiderWebShade, there is a 90% reduction of the sun-burning-cancer-causing-melanoma UV rays. SpiderWebShade also tells us with the complete ensemble of top and sides, there is up to a 27% reduction of temperature in the cab area.

Logically, with a reduction of exposure to UV rays, we would expect there to be a long-term improvement in avoiding skin cancer. But let?s be honest. We would not eat half the things we do if we were so worried about long-term. Having come to terms with the blatant honesty of this fact, lets discuss the protection offered in the here and now.

If you take your pet Fido on the trail, you have greatly improved the chances of Fido not being heaved out and flying through the air not so gracefully. Conversely, the side shades will help to keep things out of the back where say you have your kids that you probably value to some degree - although with time their value goes down as their annoying teen-age years go up. But while their value is high, you have this added protection.

And finally, security. Let?s face it, there is no security in a Jeep when you have your top off. That leaves us to the age old practice of camouflage. With the SideShades installed, the visibility in to the back of your Jeep is greatly minimized. This means that your belongings become less of a theft of opportunity. Of course a snooping thief will still steal your belongings, but not advertising your belongings to the passing world will help.


Final Thoughts

The years of using the generation 1 SpiderWebShade have proven the quality of this product. We look forward to many years of service from the newest generation of SpiderWebShade and know you will too.

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: SpiderWeb Shade
Address: 25 West Jersey St
Orlando, FL 32806
Phone: 321-251-7258
E-Mail Address:
Website: spiderwebshade.com

Our Thank You's!

Thank you for the UltraMesh SpiderWebShade. Love the added protection from both UV and road/trail stuff.

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