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SpiderWeb Shade - 1 year later

Article written by Doc Jones

Date Added: 06/27/2010

For those of you that can?t see these tops in person, let us tell you order now before summer is over and you?ve lost another year of sun hidden behind your bikini top.

It?s been a little more than a year, and our Spider Web Shade still catches the attention of sun-worshipping Jeepers. Most popular question? How?s it holding up?

The SpiderWeb Shade?s have performed far better than expectations, and those expectations were set pretty high after hearing the company?s praise of their product.

Over a year later and the material seems every bit as pliable as it did on day one. There is no brittleness or hardening of the screen material from the constant UV rays here at an altitude of nearly one mile up (with less UV-filtering atmosphere above us, the intense rays degrade things very quickly here in Utah).

We had two expected weak points when we installed the top a year ago. One was the grommets. Frankly we didn?t think they would last. If you don?t already know why, cover a load you?re transporting with a tarp and secure it by the grommets. It doesn?t take too many trips or hours on the road before the grommets rip away from the tarp. Not the case with the Spider Web Shade. There is a small amount of stretching of the screen material; but zero pull-away of the grommets from the screen. We think this speaks more than anything for the quality construction of this top.

And what about the second of the two ?expected? weak points... the Spider Balls? The top is attached to the Jeep by elastic, stretchy, cords (a bungee cord loop with a ball on one end), or in this case a Spider Ball. We expected the UV to take its toll on the rubbery material causing the Spider Balls to either lose their stretch, fail, or both. We can happily report neither has occurred one year (16 months to be specific) later.

Final Thoughts

When we first installed these tops, we knew we liked them. A year later, we LOVE them! The SpiderWeb Shade tops have been stretched over our Jeeps 24/7 for months with almost zero wear. We feel it?s only deserving to assign this product our TOP CHOICE designation.

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: SpiderWeb Shade
Address: 25 West Jersey St
Orlando, FL 32806
Phone: 321-251-7258
E-Mail Address:
Website: spiderwebshade.com

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