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Power Steering Pulley Puller

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 02/17/2008

It wasn't that long ago that MJ upgraded the power steering system on one of our Jeeps. In that article we stated that you DO NOT use a gear puller, but specifically a pulley puller to remove the pulley.

Since that article we have had a few questions about rental pulley pullers. It seems that not all kits are equal, and we took it upon ourselves to hit every auto parts store we could to find the most complete kit. With that said we found Autozone to be the best. And since we had the kit, why not show you how it's done.


1. This is how your pulley looks when properly seated on your power steering pump prior to removal. Notice the end of the shaft and the pulley are flush.

2. These two halves from the kit slip around the lip on the pulley. Notice on the tool that one side of these two halves extends further inward than the other. The side that extends further inward will go UNDER the lip of the pulley.

3. This bolt fitting, which will actually do the pulling, is set on top of the pulley.

4. Close the two halves capturing the nut assembly.

5. Slip the metal sleeve over the two halves.

6. Screw this bolt with the rounded end in to the nut assembly. The rounded end will ride against the pulley shaft.

7. Tighten the bolt by hand until everything is tight.

8. It's now time to pull the pulley. We suggest the use of air tools. It isn't required, but the constant wrestling with the pump flopping around on the bench makes this job considerably harder without them.

9. Success! The pulley is now off. So lets put it back on with the other tools included in this kit from Autozone.

10. Place the pulley on to the pump shaft. Make sure it sits square.

11. This bolt nut assembly is used to push the pulley on to the shaft. Start by screwing the bolt all the way into the internal threading of the pumps shaft. This can be done by hand and you should stop when the bolt touches the bottom.
 Of course you do want the nut assembly out of the way so the bolt can go in all the way.

12. Now turn the nut assembly down the bolt thus pushing the pulley on. We used a large crescent wrench for leverage and to get our hand out from under the ratchet.

13. Once the nut assembly has pushed the pulley all the way down, it will stop. Remove the assembly, and the pulley should be sitting flush with the pump shaft as in our picture.

Final Thoughts

The removal and installation of this pulley is really pretty easy... with the right tools. You must use a pulley puller. A gear puller will destroy the pulley.

We chose the Autozone tool because some kits did not provide the tools to install the pulley, only remove it. This may tempt you to try and hammer the pulley on. Hammering it will destroy the pulley, the pump, or both.


Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: Autozone
Address: Local Purchase
, UT
Website: http://http://www.autozone.com/home.htm

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