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Throttle Cable Installation

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 11/07/2007

Rush hour highway traffic can be brutal. Now try it without a gas pedal!

There I was, accelerating to get my spot in highway traffic... wait, wait, NOW! I stomp on the skinny pedal expecting to unleash the fury of all four squirrels rearing to go under the hood, but all I get is a small metal "clink" sound... HEY! Where did the gas pedal go? AAAAHHH!!! Abort! Get out of traffic!

That's how it went that day. Sure it was a good adrenaline rush, but I don't recommend it. And since driving around town with the hand throttle gets old quickly, here it is: replacing your DEALER PART ONLY throttle cable.



1. Compress the black snap-in fitting and push to release it from the firewall.

2. Having released the throttle cable snap fitting from the firewall, the cable can be extracted from inside the engine compartment.

3. Trace the throttle cable in the engine bay to ensure you disconnect the right cable from the throttle body.

4. Having identified the correct cable, pull the throttle cable fitting off the ball-pin.

5. Compress the throttle cable snap fitting from the throttle cable bracket and remove.

6. Unsnap the throttle cable from the valve cover, and remove the cable.

7. Because our cable was broken at the gas pedal end, our last step was to remove the throttle cable fitting from the gas pedal arm. It's not difficult but can be a bugger getting to it.

8. Use a small pair of pliers to compress the snap fitting.

9. Installing the cable is pretty much a reverse of the removal. Start by passing the cable through the firewall.

10. Pass the cable through the slot on the gas pedal arm leaving the metal clamped-on fitting between the arm and the firewall.

11. Using a gloved hand (trust me on this one), press the plastic cup snap fitting into the arm.

12. Press the snap fitting back into the firewall from the engine bay side.

13. Route the cable in the engine bay back to the throttle cable bracket.

14. Snap the throttle cable into the bracket.

15. Press the throttle cable socket fitting back onto the ball-pin at the throttle body.

16. Finally, clip the cable back into the appropriate cable holder.

Installation Issues

There were no real installation issues, but getting up under the dash can be a challenge for a bigger guy.

Final Thoughts

Why did the throttle cable brake... who knows? However, we were pleased to find this was a pretty easy fix? Once we finally got the cable that even the dealership had to special order.

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: Rocky Mountain Jeep
Address: 770 West Riverdale Road
Ogden, UT 84405
Phone: 801-288-7828
Website: http://www.rockymountainjeep.com/

Our Thank You's!

Thank you to all that read MOABJEEPER Magazine.

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