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Viair 450C Install and Review

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 04/23/2006

In our last article concerning electric On Board Air (OBA), we compared the Quick Air 3 and the VIAIR 450C and went with the VIAIR.

Within this article we will look at installing the compressor, a 2.5 gallon air tank, and an auto shutoff switch to compliment the compressor. We will also share our opinion of the compressor now that we have been running it for a few weeks. See if we made the right decision.


1. Finding the drill points for the compressor was quite easy. I put the compressor on a piece of paper and marked the mounting holes. Then using some tape, I attached the paper to the wheel well wall. I marked and then drilled.

The larger bolt heads next to the blue circles attach the metal you're sliding the compressor in between.

2. This is how the compressor looks when mounted to the wheel well.
 We suggest using the filter relocation air line to put the filter inside the Jeep high in the dash. This will allow for cooler cleaner air to be drawn.

3. Mounting The Tank
This part can be tricky and requires two people. I slid the 2.5 gallon tank up inside, between the skid plate and the bottom of the body tub. It wouldn't go in very far.

4. While placing the tank, keep in mind what is inside of the Jeep. You don't want to drill through to an area to bolt the tank down that is not accessible from inside the Jeep.

I ran my air connection out the side of the Jeep, attaching it to the top side of the rock slider.

5. Pushing the tank as far forward within the skid placed the bolts for the tank up under the driver's side seat. As I said above, placement is important. If it had been forward any farther, I couldn't have bolted the tank down. For placement I used a cardboard template similar to the compressor mount template.
 Red dots show the furthest forward tank bolts.
 Top of the picture is the underside of the drivers seat.

6. Compressor Shut Off Switch
Okay, the colors are a little dull. Seems I took the Jeep wheeling before I got a picture. Anyway, here is the pressure shutoff switch mounted behind the washer fluid tank. I wrapped it in rubber and then zip tied it to the wheel well.

7. Field testing?
In testing this compressor, we have found it takes 3 minutes 30 seconds to inflate (at almost 1 mile above sea level) a 35" tire from 15 PSI to 30 PSI.

On our very first outing, as expected, no one else had OBA. And, as usual everyone wanted to air up. As I said this is NOT a fast compressor but with its 100% duty cycle, she just kept plugging along, filling tire after tire.

This compressor is protected by a thermal overload switch. While filling tires we suggest keeping the hood up to allow better cooling of the compressor. In the near future, we will add a fan to improve air flow in the already hot environment of the engine bay.

Final Thoughts

We feel we were right in our choice of this slower but continuous duty compressor. IF your vehicle was the only vehicle that you were going to be airing up, we would recommend the Quick Air 3. Unfortunately, reality is... everyone wants air.

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: 4 Wheel Parts
Address: 1789 S Redwood Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Phone: 801-627-4420

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