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Ramsey Patriot 9500UT

Article written by Dennis "Doc" Jones

Date Added: 03/20/2007

Huge power, cool features, and simple installation?What more could you ask for?

The Patriot 9500UT is the latest and greatest offering from Ramsey. It comes standard with a wireless controller and their automatic clutch. The clutch automatically engages when you start reeling in the cable; you don't have to walk all the way back to the vehicle and flip the lever. The solenoid box is integrated into the housing, so wiring the winch is as easy as connecting it to a battery.


1. Attach the winch to your winch plate.

2. Insert the supplied nuts and washers into the feet of the winch.

3. Feed the bolts through the plate and into the winch feet.

4. Place the winch and plate on the vehicle.

5. Attach the plate according to the manufacturer instructions.
  This will vary depending on the winch plate/bumper you have.

6. Unroll some cable and feed it through the roller fairlead.

7. Bolt the fairlead to the winch plate.
  The supplied fasteners may not be the right length depending on your winch plate. Only replace them with grade 5 or better bolts.

8. Attach the hook to the end of the cable.

9. Feed the power and ground wires through the grill.

10. Attach the wires to the battery.
  Normally you should attach the cables to the top post of the battery. The deep cycle battery we used has accessory tabs with sufficient amp rating to power the winch.

11. Plug in the wired controller and try it out to ensure the winch is working properly before installing the wireless system.

12. Mount the wireless Remote Receiver.
 Mount the Remote Receiver as close to vertical as possible near a good grounding source.
 We mounted it on the inner fender under the air cleaner.

13. Connect the ground cable on the Remote Receiver to a solid ground. Ramsey suggests using one of the mounting screws.

14. Mount the magnetic antenna and connect the cable.
 Do not mount the antenna next to the motor end of the winch plate.

15. Run the Remote Adapter Cable through the grill, and connect it to the Remote Receiver.

16. Test the key-fob style Remote Transmitter:
      Hold the on/off button until the red light flashes once
      The winch will respond to the in or out commands at this point.
      To turn the transmitter off, hold the on/off button until the light flashes       twice.

Installation Issues

The instructions in the manual are somewhat lacking; they total three short sentences and a drawing. In leu of adequate instructions we managed to install this winch relatively easy.

The winch we received had an issue with the paint. The paint around the Patriot sticker was already coming off when we removed it form the box.

The cable controller that came with our winch appeared to be defective; it would spool out, but not in. We contacted Ramsey, and they had a new one in our hands in three days. Excellent customer service.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have been impressed with this winch. The automatic clutch is a very nice feature. The winch has a clean look and excellent performance.

The winch plate is a good spot to store the antenna, but seems to pick up RF interference from the motor. If you?re going to use the Remote Transmitter, place the antenna on the hood. With it up and away from the winch, the controller worked well over 150? away.

While this is the best packed winch, encased in expanding foam, it is the messiest to unpack.

While we had minor issues with the installation instructions, and our controller, Ramsey could fix these two issues and make this a top notch customer experience.


Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: Ramsey Winch
Address: PO Box 581510
Tulsa, OK 74158
Phone: 918-438-2760
E-Mail Address:
Website: http://www.ramsey.com

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