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Superwinch EPi9.0

Article written by Zach "Icky" Hayes

Date Added: 03/11/2007

Some of us live by the adage ?keep it simple?? really simple. If you?re one of these guys then the Superwinch EPi9.0 9000lb winch is for you.

This winch is so simple because the solenoids are contained in a housing over the winch drum and pre-wired to the electric motor. This gives the winch a very clean, sleek appearance; and installation is a snap. Additionally, the winch just plain looks tough with its T-handle engagement / disengagement clutch control and overall solid construction.


1. Attach the fairlead to your winch plate per manufacturer?s instructions.

2. Bolt the winch to the winch plate with the supplied hardware.

3. Mount your winch and winch plate assembly on the vehicle. Again, follow the instructions supplied with your winch plate/bumper.

4. Run your winch cable through the roller fairlead and attach the hook.

5. Route the power cables through the grill.

6. Connect the cables to the battery.
 Connecting the cables will vary depending on the battery used. The marine battery we used has auxiliary tabs that make the process much easier.

7. Turn the T-handle to free-spool, pull out some cable, plug in the controller, and give it a try.

Installation Issues

This winch installs with six bolts; however, a seventh bolt is shown in the instructions that does not exist. We suggest Superwinch remove it from the drawing to avoid confusion.

The T-handle (shown step 7), for engaging/disengaging the winch, has quite a bit of tension. This is not a problem by itself, but combined with the shortness of the T-handle, it has given a few good pinches of the un-gloved fingers. If Superwinch could extend the handle vertically by about 1/4 - 1/2 inch, there would be no problem.

Final Thoughts

The instruction booklet for this winch is packed full of information and is ideal for those new to using a winch. It covers proper winching technique, using the included pulley block, identifying damaged wire rope, performing internal load-holding brake adjustments due to wear, and plenty more details and facts.

Excusing the EPi9.0 T-handle's pinching, this winch is both newbie friendly and a total workhorse with good line speed. From our experience so far, this winch appears to be a solid entry into our "Winches in Hell" shoot-out; and we expect great things from it.


Vendor Response

Vendor comments pending.

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: Superwinch Inc.
Address: 45 Danco Rd.
Putnam, CT 06260
Phone: (860) 928-7787
Contact Person: Superwinch
E-Mail Address:
Website: http://www.superwinch.com

Our Thank You's!

MOABJEEPER Magazine would like to thank Superwinch for this fine entry.

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