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All Tied-In

Article written by Tom Dube

Date Added: 09/19/2006

Yeah your TJ is tough, but it can be made tougher.

Many Jeepers mount after market rear bumpers or tire carriers on there Jeeps. The problem is the cross member that the rear bumper mounts to is not as strong as needed. The weight of a larger bumper and tire carrier can over-stress this cross member. Also when you are off-roading, you may hit your bumper hard. This can place a lot of stress on the rear bumper cross member and bend it.

The Rokmen company has a product that will help to strengthen the rear bumper cross member. They call it the Extreme Duty Frame Tie-In. It is designed for the 97-06 TJ and LJ Wrangler. It consists of one driver?s side and one passenger side tie-in made of ¼? laser-cut steel and formed by a computer numerical control machine. The tie-ins are made of cold rolled steel which makes them stronger than similar products made of hot rolled steel. They are formed into a right angle and a ¼? thick gusset is tig welded to the inside right angle. The gusset is placed in such a way that water and debris cannot be trapped in place and cause rust. They also provide the grade 8 bolts instead of the usual weaker grade 5 hardware. The Extreme Frame Tie-Ins come to you powder coated in black.


1. The install is very easy and can be done in about 35-40 min. You will need a 3/4? open end wrench, a ½? drill/bit and a ¾? socket/wrench. The instructions that come with the tie-ins are very good.

2. Since I have an after market bumper, I started by loosing 2 of the four bolts that hold the first side on. I left them on just hand tight.

3. Looking at the rear frame rail, just below the rear body mount you see two ½ holes. The upper hole is the one that you will have to drill through. As you inset the drill into the top hole to drill through the back side of the frame, try to keep the drill as straight as you can. This is the only hole you will have to drill per side.

4. When this is done, you can start the install.

5. Remove the two bolts on the bumper

6. Feel under the frame for a hole just forward and below the lower of the two holes on the frame. This is where you will need to insert the 1 ½? bolt with two washers on it.
 The reason for two washers is that it will make the bolt head stand out enough so the wrench can get hold.

7. As you insert the bolt through into the hole, you will have to feed it though the lower mounting hole and place the tie-in in place.

8. Start the nut on to the bolt - just enough to hold it in place.

9. Next insert 4 ½? bolt though upper frame hole and tie-in. Hand tighten the nut on to the bolt.

10. The two existing bumper bolts are now reinstalled though the tie-in.

11. Fully tighten the lower frame bolt first.

12. Next tighten the upper bolt and then the two on the bumper.

13. Do this again on the other side and you?re done. Like I said, this is a very easy install.

Final Thoughts

These Frame tie-ins are a great aftermarket item that add true function. I review many items, and this one gives you a good bang for your buck. The quality and workmanship of the Rokmen Extreme Duty Frame Tie-Ins is top of the line. I have talked with Jeff Leonard at Rokmen, and he was very informative and happy to help with any questions. I would recommend this company to all Jeepers. Thanks Rokmen

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: Rokmen
Phone: 303-907-6303
E-Mail Address:
Website: http://www.rokmen.com

Our Thank You's!

The staff of MoabJeeper Magazine would like to thank Tom Dube for submitting this article.

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