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CB Antenna Install

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 05/11/2006

After using a magnetic mount for about 6 months I finally decided I needed something better.

There are some CB antenna mounts that clamp onto the edge of the hood. After seeing rigs that see plenty of trail use that this is a bad system. From constant rocking of the antenna this type of clamp will tear up (bend) sheet medal. I don?t like to permanently modify or alter things if at all possible, but I finally decided to mount the whip on my spare tire carrier. This is a sturdy enough mount that the motion of the antenna won't hurt it, and it's mostly out of the way.


1. This antenna is made to clamp on the mirror bracket of a truck. The clamp is made of two halves with bolt-holes at the four corners.

2. Separate the clamp halves and line up the antenna half of the clamp against the vertical side of the tire carrier between the rear door and the tire.

3. Using the antenna half of the clamp as a template, mark on the carrier where to drill the first hole.

4. Once you have the first hole drilled, use one of the enclosed bolts to attach the antenna clamp half to the carrier.

5. With the antenna half attached to your tire carrier drill out the remaining holes. Doing it in this fashion ensures the holes are properly placed.

6. I recommend attaching the clamp at the top corner nearest the door, otherwise the tire will be touching the antenna. Because of the useable room on the tire carrier, I only used 3 of the four bolt holes.

Final Thoughts

After having this antenna mounted for a while I?m very happy. I have increased the range of my CB quite a bit. On the down side the antenna is in the way if you have the rear window up. It also presents a problem if you want to leave your rear window up with the door closed. You can do it, but I don?t like the stress on the antenna.

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