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Hi-Lift Mount for less than $5

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 05/11/2006

If there is any one tool that is an absolute must have for everyone from the weekend wheeler to the hardcore rockcrawler, it is a Hi-Lift jack. The problem is once you get one, where do you put it?

The most common aftermarket mount will cost you $25 and does not protect your Hi-Lift from the elements. Fortunately, we have an alternative that is much cheaper and keeps the jack better protected.

Ok, here it is. Take a trip down to your local Home Depot or Lowes home improvement store, and head to the fencing area. You will need two 2 3/8" (offset) Tension Bands and two 3? carriage bolts.

Next head over to the nuts & bolts area where you want four stainless steel washers and two wingnuts that fit the carriage bolts.

note: Wranglers from 2003 to present use a much thicker roll bar padding and may require a larger strap.


1. Installation is pretty straight forward. Open up the clamps and slide them around the padding of your Jeeps roll bar. You want the clamp offsetting to the rear of the Jeep.

2. Next pass the carriage bolt through the clamp from front to rear through both straps.

3. Now slide the Hi-Lift onto the carriage bolts, slip on the double washers, and finally add the wing nuts to secure it.

4. Mounting this way allows for the top (soft or hard) to be installed and removed without removing the Hi-Lift. It also keeps the Hi-lift out of the elements when the top is on.
 The rear seat can be installed, but we strongly recommend against it. The proximity of the Hi-Lift is too close to the passengers head and could result in serious injury.

Final Thoughts

So there it is. For about $5 you can mount your Hi-Lift securely, out of the way, and safe from the elements.

Our Thank You's!

29 May 2006

Like many great ideas, they have to start somewhere. Recently I was contacted by "yzergod" of www.creeperjeepers.org as the originator of this idea. The person that gave the idea to me says he has no recollection as to where he got it so MoabJeeper Magazine is more than happy to credit yzergod.

For those that would like to check out his article, it is done a little different with a great idea of incorporating parts from a 4XRack.
Hi-lift Mount

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