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WARN Bumper and Winch Plate

Article written by SgtMojo

Date Added: 05/07/2006

After wheeling my Tj for a number of years with the stock front bumper I decided it was time to upgrade to something stronger.

There seems to be as many aftermarket bumpers out there as stars in the sky. In the end I found the Warn Bumper to provide everything that I wanted; good looks, fairly inexpensive, strength, D-rings, and predrilled light mounting points. Additionally, I purchased Warns winch mounting plate to go along with the bumper.

Because I already have lights and a winch installed some of this install will go beyond a standard bumper install but the information is the same none the less.

Installation is really straight forward and simple. Follow along as I make the Warn bumper upgrade.

Tools needed: standard socket set, T-55 torx bit

**If you already have a winch in place please disconnect your battery first for safety.
  • Preparation will depend on what you have on your jeep to begin with. On my Jeep, I removed the two KC lights. Just unbolted them and set them on top of the tires.
  • Next I removed the 4 bolts attaching the old winch plate to the bumper and frame rails. Now set the winch and old plate aside and out of the way.
  • Remove the two bolts underneath the bumper that attach it to the frame and finally remove the factory bumper.
  • Since we are also installing the Warn winch plate in addition to our Warn bumper; you have to remove the sway bar cover along with the two front bolts.


1. Place the Warn bumper in position and attach with the two bottom bolts. ONLY insert the bolts half way.

2. Next step is to bolt the winch to the winch plate along with the roller fairlead. After the four bolts are completely tightened down, you can place the winch plate and winch on the bumper.
 Attaching the winch to the plate is much easier with some help.

3. Place the winch assembly (winch, plate, and fairlead from step #2) on to the frame and bumper.

4. Reinstall the two front sway bar bolts.

5. Install the four top bumper mounting bolts halfway. Don?t forget your recovery hooks.

6. Now that all bolts are loosely installed align the bumper and winch plate assembly and tighten down.
 Four bumper mounting bolts, two bolts on the underside of the bumper, and the two sway bar bolts.

Final Thoughts

So far I am very happy with the looks of the Warn front bumper. I haven't used the D-Rings to recover any vehicles yet, so at this time I can?t say that I have tested them but they do seem to be really stout.

Extra Useful Information:

  • The optional brush guard only works with the winch plate for 98 and above. (Not sure why.)
  • The part # for the winch plate for '97, and only '97, is #33090. The brush guard part is #61855 which only works for part #37170 (winch plate for '98 and newer TJ). However the bumper itself works for '97- present.

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: Central 4 Wheel Drive
Address: East 12410 Indiana
Spokane, WA 99216
Phone: (509) 927-2882
Website: http://www.central4wd.com

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