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Warn Rock Sliders

Article written by Icky

Date Added: 05/07/2006

We have said it before, and we'll say it again, everyone needs rocker protection if they plan to wheel their Jeep.

This is particularly true if your Jeep is closer to stock height, and you scrape going over some obstacles. This is exactly what we knew our little Jeep "Monkey Spank" would encounter in Moab.

Considering that money can be a real hefty factor for those on a tight budget, we decided to give the Warn Rock Sliders a try. They come powder coated in black, have a laser cut "W" in the side (incase you forgot they were from Warn), and are made from 3/16" steel.


1. Remove and discard this trim piece. It won't be used again.

2. To make your Warn Rock Sliders fit as smooths as possible, remove the screw insert. We used a Dremel and a cutting disc to chew away at it until we could push it through or pull it out.

3. Using the Warn Slider as a template, drill the mounting holes. Don't forget the ones on the bottom.

4. Here it is, the first holes drilled into our new Jeep.

5. Time to prep the surface before mounting the sliders. We used denatured alcohol to degrease and clean the surface. This is essential for proper adhesion of the black silicone we applied to the back of the sliders.

6. Install all of the hardware to secure the sliders to the body.
 Don't forget the spacers on the underside of the sliders.

7. This is what you will see from the inside.

8. Installation complete!

Final Thoughts

So what did we think of these Warn Rock Sliders? For the money, THEY ROCK!! We dragged our Jeep, Monkey Spank, over nearly every rock we could find. The sliders offered excellent protection, a lifting point for a high-lift jack, and complimented the look of the Jeep nicely.

We have recognized this product with our "MoabJeeper Magazine Approved" award. It gets the job done and fits the low buck budget. Not every quality product has to cost a lot.

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