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Shrockworks Corner Guards

Article written by Tom Dube

Date Added: 04/28/2006

Protection, Protection, Protection, I?m at it again. This time the rear corners are getting armor.

It seems like the rear corners of Jeeps are targets for every tree and rock on the trail. There you are exploring a new trail only to find it dead ends. You try to turn around and then it happens ?Crunch?!  Or maybe you?re climbing a rock ledge and slide off. Next thing you know, you?re repainting the trail with the side of your Jeep. Shrockworks has just come out with new steel Corner Guards. Since I was so happy with their ShrockSliders, I called Jim at Shrockworks. Jim told me that the corner guards he designed are made of heavy gage cold rolled steel. The Corner Guards measure .134? thick (slightly thicker than 10 gauge), which is quite a bit thicker than typical 1/8" or 11 gauge corner guards. Jim also told me that all holes are pre-drilled and counter sunk.  Nuts and bolts are also provided, and powder coating is available. I ordered the Corner Guards without the powder coating. So first I wiped them down with acetone to remove any oils from the surface. After a quick coat of primer and paint, they were ready to install.


1. Remove the lens from the tail light on the passenger side.

2. You will find three bolts inside that hold the light to the body. Remove them and let the light hang by the wiring harness.

3. Look under the Jeep just forward of the rear bumper. Find the plug that leads to the light, unplug it, and remove the light.
 You may want to clean the area where the light was bolted.

4. Hold the corner Guard in place and line up the predrilled holes with the three holes for the tail light.

5. Insert the three tail-light bolts you just removed; this will hold the Corner Guard in place so you can drill the mounting holes.

6. The first hole should be drilled to either side of the curve on the body. Insert the provided nut and bolt with washers. 

7. Working your way toward the outside edge, drill the next hole and insert nut and bolt one at a time until all nuts and bolts are in.

8. Now that the passenger side Corner Guard is attached, remove the three tail-light bolts that were holding the guard in place.

9. Insert the wiring harness back through the hole in the Corner Guard, bolt the light to the body, and reconnect the wiring harness plug. Passenger?s side is done.

10. The drivers side is the same except that in addition to removing the tail light, You will have to remove the license plate mount and the gas tank fill tube bezel.

11. Follow the same steps as above, using the tail light bolts to hold the Corner Guard in place while drilling mounting holes. When all mounting bolts are in, re-install tail light, license plate mount and gas tank fill bezel.  You?re all done and ready to hit the trail.

Final Thoughts

The ease of install was very impressive. The holes for the license plate mount, tail lights, gas tank fill tube bezel, and wiring harness all matched their designated locations. Jim?s Corner Guards do not require you to remove the fender flares like some other brands. The design was extremely well thought out for ease of install. All edges were de-burred prior to shipping. I was pleased to see the material was thicker than expected, which means outstanding protection, protection, protection.

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: ShrockWorks Offroad Fabrication
Address: 14015 Barrington Fairway
Houston, TX 77069
Phone: (877) 474-7625

Our Thank You's!

Thanks to all

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