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AO Cooler in Death Valley

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 03/11/2012

It?s not often that the destruction of a product becomes personal. Come to think of it, I can?t remember a time when ?destruction? was the goal.

With replica horloges nederland this cooler, though, destruction is a mission, and one that we have so far failed. So with evil intention, we headed back to the razor-sharp salt crystals of the Devil?s Golf Course. That?s right. We?re going back to Death Valley, and this time we?re going to finish the job.

This hell on earth provided the perfect environment to shred our AO Cooler. The rare rainfall in Death Valley quickly evaporates, drawing the salt of the Devil?s Golf Course into knife-like edges. Once the water has evaporated away, the sun further tempers Satan?s salty blades creating something equivalent to a high carbon steel blade - incredibly hard, yet brittle.

Our plan?
Load up our days drinks, food and snacks for a quarter mile roll across the Devil?s Golf Course.

Heavy leather gloves, heavy duty denim jeans, heavy leather boots, and a first aid kit equipped with a needle and thread for stitches (for us, not the cooler) just in case all this playing around proved a little messy.

Start rolling...
It?s funny the things you learn along the way. 1. A quarter mile is a long way to roll a loaded cooler across an uneven (by as much as a foot and a half) surface. 2. Human beings were meant to walk upright, it hurts to go that far bent over rolling a cooler. 3. And finally, some ideas are so much better in theory than in actual practice.

Unlike the whining of the person doing the rolling, we didn?t hear a peep from the cooler. Up and down, end over end, the AO Cooler just kept on going. The only damage the cooler received, unlike the cuts in my boots, was all superficial. Sure it looks quite a bit more worn than it did at the start, but functionally it?s no less capable.

Watch our AO Cooler Adventure on the Devils Golf Course

Final Thoughts

We so wanted to be able to pick this cooler up at the end of the test and hold it?s tattered, shredded, cut-to-ribbons body triumphantly in the air. It would have made for a great laugh and even funnier video. Unfortunately for us, it was not meant to be. It survived yet another of our torture test and proved once again that American Outdoors really does make the ultimate soft side cooler on the market today.

And if you need anymore convincing that you must have this cooler; check out all the videos showing what we have done to the same cooler over the last two years.

AO Cooler - first test in Moab

AO Cooler - Death Valley Heat

AO Cooler - Can it fly?

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: AO Coolers
Address: American Outdoors
509 N Smith Ave Unit 107
Corona, CA 92880
Phone: (951) 582-9798
E-Mail Address:
Website: aocoolers.com

Our Thank You's!

Oh the places you will go with your AO Cooler - to destroy it! Thank you for the adventure, but were not through yet. Like Pinky and the Brain trying to take over the world; we will destroy this cooler yet.

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