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Drake Off Road Hood Hold Down

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 12/21/2011

Jeep suffer from Flappy Hood Syndrome?

If you drive a Jeep Wrangler, you know all about flappy hood syndrome. To put it simply, it happens when that oncoming semi-truck passes and you watch your hood float around from the rush of air. Each time it happens, you find yourself holding your breath wondering if this will be the time those factory-well-thought-out-but-will-eventually-dry-rot-and-break rubber bands holding the hood shut finally give up, sending the hood of you TJ straight through the windshield.

Or? you may be one of the many Jeepers who, as a kid never learned to play nice with your toys, and have flopped or rolled your Jeep. If you?ve never done it, don?t! Things never seem to fit quite right anymore ? including the hood.

Whatever the case, Drake Off Road has solved both ?flappy hood syndrome? and ?I didn?t play so nice and my hood doesn?t fit anymore.? Yours-truly suffers from the latter. Their solution? The Drake Off Road, stainless steel and aluminum component hood hold down.

Besides looking really custom, these race inspired hold downs solidly keep the hood in place preventing flappy hood syndrome. Additionally, for those of us with altered hood alignment (flop/roll damage) issues, the ball joints on the end allow for adjustability front-back or left-right.

Drake Off Road, SEMA 2011

Final Thoughts

If you?re in need of replacement hold downs, have fit issues, or just want to prevent flappy hood syndrome, check out Drake Off Road, Part# JP-190021-K for TJ?s and JP-190001-K for 07-12 JK?s.

To download a free Drake Off Road Catalog.

Or check our one of their many vendors.

Our Thank You's!

Welcome to the off road industry. There is always room for high quality products.

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