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Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 04/11/2010

It was Easter Jeep Safari, and we were on the Golden Spike trail climbing some gnarly steps when we all heard the comical sound effects of an aftermarket horn, A-OOGA A-OOGA, coming from the next Jeep in line.

Of course we all looked over and laughed, then returned to what we were doing - trying to get this Jeep up and over some pretty serious steps. A-OOGA A-OOGA, sounded the Jeep again, and no one bothered to look since you can't really take a clown car horn seriously.
It wasn't until the owner of the vehicle abandoned his clown car horn and started yelling that we realized something was wrong ? the axle shaft of the Jeep on the obstacle was broke and walking its way out of the axle. He told us he was trying to signal with his horn, to which all spectators replied with a laugh and that they all thought he was being funny (as it was taking a bit of time to get this Jeep through the obstacle).

Everything turned out fine, but this situation made me think. One, as the trail leader I should have paid attention to that horn as it could have been a situation that was both serious and dangerous. Two, it wasn?t just me. NO ONE paid attention to that horn. Because of this, I would encourage others to NOT install a clown car horn in their vehicle as their only horn. While you may like the novelty horn, what if you NEEDED to communicate (draw attention) to prevent someone or yourself from getting hurt or a vehicle damaged? Sure you can put in goofy aftermarket horns for fun, but please for everyone?s good, keep the stock horn in place.

Final Thoughts

To some this may seem like a whole lot of to-do for nothing, and maybe the wheeling you do is pretty mundane and on level earth. However, rockcrawling in Moab, the Rubicon, and many trails in Colorado offer plenty of opportunities to lose life, limb, and/or damage you rig.

Need an example? Check out this obstacle (video below) on the Hells Revenge trail and you can understand how things can go wrong in a real hurry. And what if you were trying to warn the people in this video while you're busy going A-OOGA A-OOGA? Hmmm... just food for thought on that clown horn you have or may be considering.

Hells Gate Roll

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