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Get Involved and Lend a Helping Hand Through Wheeling

Article written by Doc Jones

Date Added: 03/14/2010

A new non-profit organization helps out those less fortunate through the use of four-wheel drive vehicles.

Helping others has always been a passion of MOABJEEPER Magazine's fearless creative director, the Troll. Through his intrepid travels across the country and around the world, the Troll has seen many people in need. With these images of those less fortunate stirring in the Troll?s mind, an idea to tie his volunteering passions and his love for off road travel began to brew between him and a friend several years ago. Now, this idea is becoming reality.

Most of us are into wheeling and Jeeps for fun and our own enjoyment. For some, this hobby is a good pastime to get us away from our everyday lives and onto the trails where we can enjoy the company of like-minded folks looking to have a good time safely in a family oriented environment. For others, wheeling and Jeeps can be conceived as an addiction that seems to permeate from every pore of the body. Whatever your orientation to the sport, one aspect you may have never thought about is the capability of your vehicle to deliver much needed, life saving supplies to remote areas where most vehicles cannot tread. This is where Ends of the Earth (EOE) comes into the picture.

Several years ago, the Troll began discussing the formation of a non-profit with Matt Ertle, a friend of his since their teenage years who shares a passion of off road travel through numerous trips in various four wheel drive rigs. Matt's entire family has been long involved in the medical field and volunteerism, through his parent's passions in Haiti. In the 1980's, Matt's parents started a non-profit in Haiti focusing on the physical, educational and spiritual needs of the Haitian people. You can learn more about their organization, Hearts for Haiti, by visiting their website at http://www.heartsforhaiti.net.

The purpose of the Ends of the Earth non-profit is to focus its efforts on delivering medical supplies and equipment to remote areas in the United States and third world countries where the easiest way, and sometimes the only way in is via four wheel drive vehicles. This idea ties in directly with EOE's desire to help others while wheeling their vehicles.
Over the past two years, EOE has been moving this idea toward reality through the following:
  1. Formation of a new website: http://www.eoe4x4.org.
  2. Purchase and build-up of a 1999 TJ.
  3. Purchase and build-up of a 1989 Toyota FJ 62.
  4. Purchase of a 2006 Chevy 3500 tow rig and trailer.
  5. Completion of the proper IRS paperwork to gain 501(c)3 non-profit status.
  6. Achieving non-profit status and incorporation in the State of Ohio.
  7. Making contacts throughout the off road industry to line up a board of directors and sponsors.

    The organization has already completed the 2 expeditions:

  8. Medical supply and donation delivery expedition to the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern KY in March, 2009.
  9. Scouting expedition mission to the Copper Canyon area of Mexico in February, 2010.

The next step is to procure items for the Copper Canyon area according the list developed from the February, 2010 scouting trip and deliver these supplies to the area in the latter half of 2010.
The hope is to not only deliver supplies by EOE staff members, but to garner enough interest in the overall off road community to transform this new organization into one that will have volunteers organized throughout the world. To our knowledge, no other organization currently exists with the mission EOE has in mind. If EOE can pull this off, they could become an organization overseeing thousands of off road enthusiasts who are willing to donate a little time and / or money each year to helping others through what they love to do.

Stay tuned over the coming months as more information about the organization is released. EOE is looking to involve anyone who is interested in giving back and helping others through their passion for off roading. While the first large expedition is focusing on the mountainous wilderness of Mexico, EOE would like to see this organization become one that oversees the distribution of not only medical supplies, but one that allows every interested wheeler to become involved even on a local level through volunteerism in their own communities.
The overall scope of EOE's mission will be wide-reaching and it will help people here in the USA as well.

Final Thoughts

Please visit the EOE website to learn more about the organization and see how you can get involved in what they are doing: http://www.eoe4x4.org. EOE is looking for anyone who is interested in helping out through monetary and material donations. Most importantly, volunteers are needed who are willing to give a small portion of their time to help out with supply deliveries and possibly even medical clinics as EOE becomes more established. Everyone can help with the endeavor, whether they have medical experience or not.

Our Thank You's!

Ends of the Earth would like to thank MOABJEEPER Magazine for providing support in this endeavor.

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