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?Painfully Fun, Only In A Jeep?

Article written by Scott "New Jeep Owner"

Date Added: 02/21/2010

It wasn?t that long ago I had the pleasure of meeting one of the MOABJEEPER Magazine staff, Moab Man. Of course, the first thing I noticed was the sticker on his Jeep?s hood reading, ?Sometimes It Hurts To Understand.?

As a new Jeep owner, I had to ask what it meant. I had seen plenty of those ?It?s A Jeep Thing You Wouldn?t Understand? and the ever popular ?If You Can Read This Roll Me Over? stickers. The common theme of both these stickers? the vehicles sporting them don?t seem to have spent any more time off-road than my wife?s treadmill has spent being used as a treadmill instead of a clothes hanger.

Unlike all the Jeeps those other stickers reside on, this Jeep clearly ?Understood? something the others didn?t. The custom body work ? rock damage, crinkled hood, a rollover-shredded rollbar cover, etc... The numerous other scars, I?m sure, had many more tales to tell of just how much it hurts to understand.

My assumptions were wrong, and I learned that all of this ?custom body work? had nothing to do with the meaning behind the ?hurt? (although I?m sure my wife would hurt me for doing all this body work to my Jeep? or at least the treadmill comment). Moab Man explained that my ownership of this American icon (recently owned by the Germans and now the Italians ? what the heck happened to our WWII winning AMERICAN ICON) was not a mode of transportation, or simply a 4x4. It?s a living adventure. He said no other vehicle will be as painfully fun.
Painfully fun? Webster?s defines pain as being punishment, and defines fun as enjoyment. What kind of person combines these two words, and does it with a smile?
Moab Man explained that only in a Jeep, my Jeep, could I experience all four seasons on the INSIDE of my vehicle when the top is off (he said whether I planned for it or not it will happen). He told tales of being caught in monsoonal rains that filled the floor of the Jeep ? but explained that?s why they have drain plugs. Told another story of him and Adventure Bob traveling 270+ miles without tops/doors ? sunburned traveling across the desert floor, and on the same trip hypothermic traveling over the tops of the Rocky Mountains.
While Moab Man made it clear he dislikes the ?You Wouldn?t Understand? stickers on Jeep mall crawlers (mall crawler is my newest word of the Jeep lexicon), he truly enjoyed telling the tale of his using that saying once.
As told to me, he was heading into Moab on a particularly cold Easter Jeep Safari after getting caught way outside of town after dark with no top, doors, or proper clothing. The point? It can get really, really cold in the desert once the sun is down. He stated, heading to town he and his friend were shivering uncontrollably and cuddling against the heater vents trying to ward off frostbite when they approached the edge of town. Immediately upon crossing into city limits, they sat back all casual and Jeep-cool (I?m guessing you can?t show you?re cold) like it were a warm summer day as they rolled through town. Coming to a stop at one of the main street stoplights, a Land Rover pulled up along side. He said the Rover people looked at them for a bit, and after some chatter, they put the window down and asked, ?Aren?t you guys cold??
Moab Man?s response as he and his passenger suppressed the bodies urges to shiver, ?It?s a Jeep thing, you wouldn?t understand.? As if on cue, the light changed and they drove off.

Final Thoughts

While the stories he shared clearly sounded painful, equally unmistakable was the ear-to-ear grin as he shared his adventures. So in the spirit of Moab Man?s original sticker, I just might have to get my own ? ?Painfully Fun, Only In A Jeep?

Our Thank You's!

Thank you for the great pictures added to my article.

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