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MOTHERS PowerBall mini & PowerMetal

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 09/27/2009

Wheels looking tired, worn, pitted and tarnished? If so, MOTHERS claims to have the cure, and we put it to the test.

While MOTHERS PowerBall mini is nothing new... it is kind of expensive. Think about it, what are you really getting? A foam ball on the end of a shaft. Let's say that again - IT'S A FOAM BALL! However, we really didn't want to pony up the cash for some new wheels when were going to chew them up anyway on the rocks. So in the words of Master Yoda, "Hand over the cash you will." And we did. Just under forty bucks later, and we owned a really expensive foam ball and an 8 oz bottle of MOTHERS PowerMetal for Aluminum.

Did we mention we got a bottle of polish too? Just want to make sure so we don't look too much like the fool.

The PowerBall mini is to be used with a variable speed drill. The package recommends a rechargeable drill, but unless you have an endless supply of batteries you won't be doing all four wheels in one day. For that reason we used an electric drill and turned down the max speed so we didn't burn the wheel or the PowerBall mini.

In addition to the ball, this package comes with an extension and external sleeve to allow for greater reach and control.

Of course you need some polish. MOTHERS PowerMetal Aluminum is for use with all buffers, not just the PowerBall. While MOTHERS does not specify you must use their product line, we're going to. If the PowerBall mini fails to deliver we want this to be on MOTHERS and no one else.

Per the instructions, we applied a liberal amount of polish to the PowerBall mini and started polishing.
After a few minutes, and more polish added, we reached the desired black residue. Time to wipe it off with a dry soft cloth.
Two passes of the PowerBall mini with PowerMetal (and buffing with our dry clean cloth), and we unleashed an absolutely amazing shine that hasn't been seen in years.
Before we applied the PowerBall's foam to the wheel, we expected the rock bites and gouges on our wheels would shred it. To MOTHERS credit, the ball stayed together. There were small bits of foam here and there, but nothing of note after inspecting the ball for damage.

Clean up - Simple dishwashing detergent does the job. Take your time and work it deep into the ball.
When the ball is completely clean there will be no black residue. The foam doesn't hold the black color.

Final Thoughts

Was it worth it? Absolutely! It still doesn't make it any easier to hand over the money for a FOAM BALL, but hey... the product delivers as promised. And if it makes it any easier to part with your cash; the foam ball can be flipped over as you wear it down.

As to the PowerMetal, it works. Can't say if the credit goes to the PowerBall or the PowerMetal, but either way this combo is a knockout!

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