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Ramsey Winch Cable Repair

Article written by Dr. Jones

Date Added: 03/22/2009

Here at MOABJEEPER Magazine, we have a reputation for being a bit? hard on winches.

We have discovered in our extensive testing, and borderline homicidal treatment of winches, that they can take quite a bit of abuse. Each individual winch brand has its own weaknesses. In our opinion, the cable attachment on the Ramsey winches leaves quite a bit to be desired. For most people it may not be a problem, but if you winch as often as we do, eventually the cable is going to slip and you?ll need to repair it.

We knew ours slipped when the frayed end of the cable was actually sticking out of the winch hitting the grill with every rotation.

Notice the clamp still attached to the winch drum. Our cable slipped all the way out and unwrapped several turns. Remove the clamp from the drum.
The first step after removing the cable from the winch is to cut the frayed end off the cable. Clamp the cable in a bench vise.
Don?t try to cut the cable with bolt cutters! Use a Dremel, angle grinder, or really any kind of high speed spinning metal cutoff tool.

Note: In case you're tempted anyway... bolt cutters will only crush and fray the cable.

Make your cut across a good, tightly woven piece of the cable. Don?t cut right at the end of the frayed section. Observe the nice clean cut.
When facing the winch, find the cable-sized hole on the left side of the drum.
Insert the freshly cut cable end into the hole.
Holding the cable in place tightly against the edge of the drum, wind the winch in one full turn ending with the cable hole on top.

Note: The hardest part of this whole process is keeping the cable in the hole until the clamp is in place. Don?t be surprised if it takes a few tries. And yes we should have had our gloves on.

Holding the cable tightly against the drum, put the cable clamp in place and tighten the bolt. It helps to have three hands for this part.
Here is a nice little trick we found for spooling a 100? cable onto a winch by yourself. Set the winch controller on the ground. Put a ˝? nut on the ?in? button.
Now you have a convenient foot pedal control for the winch, leaving both hands free to spool on the cable. Careful how much pressure you apply.
Put as much tension on the cable as you can while spooling to keep a clean wrap.
All done. Your Ramsey winch is now good to go.

Final Thoughts

Again we?ll be honest; we use our winches more in a year than most people will in a lifetime. That said though, we have had to do this repair twice on our winch; so we?re inclined to think it will probably happen to every Ramsey winch owner at some point. Fortunately, all in all it?s a pretty easy repair.

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