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And now a word from our sponsors... kind of?

Article written by MOABJEEPER Magazine

Date Added: 11/23/2008

In case you hadn't noticed, the economy is not doing well. And deny it as you may... when money gets tight, our favorite past-time is, brace yourself, expendable.

I'm sure that we are not telling you anything you didn't already know. We would, however, like to encourage those that share our passion for off-roading to remember the sponsors of both this magazine and other publications. These companies that manufacture and sell your favorite products are feeling the economic pinch just like the rest of us. Over the last few years the price of raw steel, the core ingredient to virtually everything Jeep, has risen to ridiculous levels. Besides the grotesque cost, the industry is experiencing steel shortages as China goes through an industrial revolution and aggressively purchases up great quantities of both steel and the raw materials for making steel. To make matters even more difficult for these companies, most of them have been trying their best to absorb the added cost of production and not pass it along to you, the consumer. Add the tanking economy to an already inhospitable market, and... well I think you can image where this is going.

How is this affecting you? Over the last six months, we here at MOABJEEPER Magazine have been privy to certain inside information regarding the state of our industry. While we are not going to scream the sky is falling... it is clear that the wheeling industry as a whole is thinning.

A great print publication, Jrations, is no more. While the quality of the magazine was not in question, the survivability of an upstart magazine in a down-turned economy surely was.

As for manufacturing companies affected, it would be irresponsible to share names, but many companies you wouldn't have ever expected to have problems are already "downsizing", halting product development, and laying-off of some employees. Some of them we didn't even see coming and shocked us. Best way to explain it: the industry is bleeding, and without getting it under control we may lose some of our favorite manufacturers.

Final Thoughts

So again, to my point, please continue to support the companies that support your favorite publication and build your favorite products. We know budgets are tight, and you may have questions regarding your own future employment. But if you have it in the budget, help our industry out and keep our hobby (or addiction depending on who you ask) alive and strong.

Our Thank You's!

Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

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