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Happy Trails

Article written by Dirty Girl and various readers

Date Added: 03/09/2008

Like migratory birds, 4-wheelers flock to Southern Utah beginning March 15th this year.

Moab, UT is the destination for many off-road enthusiasts seeking a thrill. Easter Jeep Safari is an official event hosted by Red Rock 4 Wheelers who lead groups for 9 days and on 30 trails. Participants register for desired trails and are selected through a lottery system. Then seasoned trail leaders from Red Rock 4 Wheelers provide a safe and fun experience. During the days of the Easter Jeep Safari, hundreds more people venture to Moab than Red Rock 4 Wheelers can accommodate. As a result, the public trails that aren?t part of the official safari groups any given day are bustling with Jeeping enthusiasts that didn?t make the lottery.

MOABJEEPER asked a few of our readers to share their experience during EJS and what motivated them to make the trip to Moab.

And they came from Canada
?Well, EJS was totally fantastic. Last year was our first year, and we plan on going every year. Moab wasn?t as crowded as we expected, but to be fair we are originally from Southern California. Weather could have not been better ? not too hot and not too cold. My favorite run was Steel Bender. We did it on our last day when we felt experienced and at ease. Steal Bender has a great variety of rocky trail, creek crossings, and big obstacles (but not scary). Dave Adams was a great leader from Red Rock 4 Wheelers and was nice and personable.

Adventure Bob from MOABJEEPER Magazine really helped me become a better wheeler. I think he even felt sorry for me when I crushed my rear end as I dropped off some of the big steps. Our Second favorite trail was Hell?s Revenge. It?s a superb trail with a lot of variety and big obstacles. Behind the Rocks was fantastic, but it was my first day with big cliffs; so I was too scared to enjoy it like I will this year! I can?t wait to do it again!

We really enjoyed our time with Red Rock 4 Wheelers and MOABJEEPER Magazine wheeling, taking pictures, and getting to know others on the trail. The trail leaders showed patience and helped with problems. I would love it if MOABJEEPER was in town earlier in the week to hang with when we didn?t score a lottery trail.

The show (Safari Expo at Spanish Trail Arena) was more elaborate then I thought it would be. I learned a lot from the vendors and set up great improvements for my rig including contacts for a new 4.7L stroker, a new improved steering box from Poison Spyder Customs and many more.

Wheelers are the nicest people in any sport. I?ve been in scores of sports now for 50 years, and no other sport can claim so many truly genuinely helpful, honest folks?.
Thom; ?Canada Thom? - Canada

Some came from just across the border in Nevada
?Sheila and I were worried about going to Moab. We weren?t really sure what to expect. The thought of running trails with names like Metal Masher and Hell?s Revenge has us honestly scared. We were chatting with the MOABJEEPER crew in town, and they knew how we felt and reassured us that everything would be alright. Since we didn?t get a Red Rock 4 Wheelers trail the first day, we decided to head out on Behind The Rocks, which was open to the public.

While out there, we ran into Adventure Bob from MOABJEEPER Magazine. He was sure to tell us that we were on ?one of the hardest trails? Moab has to offer. Talk about a scary feeling, but he showed us how to get through it without a problem. It turned out to be our favorite run of the entire week with Hell?s Revenge running a close second. Sheila even said that next time she wants to drive Hell?s Gate as well as High Drive and Upchuck. It really looks like I am going to have to get another Jeep just so that I can get some seat time. I just want to know who in the MOABJEEPER crew I should send the bill to!?
Andy - Nevada

And from the north
?We have made EJS a family reunion. It is the perfect time to get together as a family, enjoy the good weather and beautiful scenery, ride some great trails, and have FUN. We have made friends with good people from Tennessee to California to Canada. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones each year.

We like doing group trail rides when we can and chilling with MOABJEEPER when we can?t. We spend a few days with them each year. They know the trails and do a good teaching us how to get over the big obstacles. The group runs are nice because when someone damages their rig everyone chips in to get it going again. It doesn?t matter if you?re brand new to wheeling in a stock Jeep or if you?re an old pro in a custom built rig, you will have a fun in Moab. The first year we had one stock CJ7. Now we have enough Jeeps for all of us (7 total).

If you go to EJS, you have to take an afternoon and go to the vendors show. You meet great people and see the latest in new products. The parking lot it a show in its self. It is inspiring to see what people have done to their rigs and a great place to get ideas for yours. Every year the Jeeps get better and better.

Don?t think that you need a big Jeep to play in the rocks. EJS is an event that you can go to with a stock Jeep and have more fun than you can imagine. If you have a custom build rig, you can still be challenged. The reason we go to EJS is to share in our common interest with family and friends - Jeeping. Thank you MOABJEEPER for helping make it Fun every year!?
Max; ?Rock? - Montana

A second one from the north
?EJS 2007 was our first trip to Moab to run OHV trails. My wife, 2 children, mother-in-law, and I all felt that EJS greatly exceeded our expectations. The members of MOABJEEPER.com Magazine and forums played the most significant role in our enjoyable and skill-building experience. During EJS, we ran Moab Rim, Kane Creek Canyon, Cliffhanger, Metal Masher, and 7 Mile Rim. Adventure Bob, Suave, and Dirty Girl were great trail teachers and a lot of fun to be around. They helped me greatly improve my driving skills and helped me more fully realize the capabilities of my 04 TJ. All the forum members were a pleasure to meet. I registered as a forum member after our first day at EJS because I wanted to join the MOABJEEPER.com family.

We look forward to wheeling with the forum members on as many different occasions as possible. Some attended the Montana Divide Ride and the Wind River 4x4 Association Fathers Day event this last summer. Rubicon Trail anyone??
Anthony; ?Planman? - Montana

What can we say, Montana loves Moab
?While we were trekking down the trail, we were all laughing and talking back and forth on the walkie-talkies and having a good time. As we approached the descent down the magnificent canyon, we all became quiet. The first thing that came to my mind is how the canyon commanded ?reverence?? IT now was in charge, and we had to change our attitudes in order to safely descend. Its beauty demanded respect and awe. Even though the trail was not as challenging as others that we had been on, it let us know who was in charge. My thoughts also went to how we need to appreciate the beauty that we are able to enjoy as we ?tread lightly? on these trails. We need to appreciate the fact that we can travel these trails that take us off the beaten track and into the beautiful parts of the country we would not be able to see otherwise.?
Julie; ?Rockmom? - Montana

Final Thoughts

If you have never been to the Easter Jeep Safari, GO. If you have been, GO AGAIN. What ever motivates you to participate in this wonderful sport, Red Rock 4-Wheeler?s EJS is a perfect chance to meet all your off-road needs. Moab is the ?Mecca of 4-wheeling? and truly the home of Happy Trails!

Be sure you register early for your EJS 2009 trails with Red Rock 4 Wheelers. If you don?t get all the trails you want in the lottery, don?t let that stop you from heading down there. Some of the best times we?ve had are meeting other individuals on the public trails when we had a day off from official runs.

During the next two weekends while the MOABJEEPER staff is in Moab, check back in as we revisit some of our favorite articles from the past years.

Our Thank You's!

Thank you to all of our loyal readers and fans who help make every EJS a great time and memorable experience.

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