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EJS '08 Trail Schedule and Survival Info

Article written by MOABJEEPER Staff

Date Added: 03/08/2008

***Updates in red 03/09*** It?s almost that time of year again, no not tax season, EASTER! Wheelers from around the world (yes the world, some people even ship vehicles) will converge on Moab, Utah the week of Easter.

Not familiar with Moab? Well, we apologize that your Jeep dealership failed to inform you that every Jeep owner must travel to Moab at least once in their lifetime during Easter week.
Ending on Easter Sunday, the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab is the single biggest Jeep gathering in the country. As is standard, MOABJEEPER Magazine?s staff will be there on the trail. We always put up a schedule of the trails that the staff intends to run, and we look forward to seeing readers out on there wheeling. However, we are often asked questions about eating, weather, and more. So this year, in addition to our usual trail schedule, we decided to put out our mini-survival guide with all the info we have been asked for in the past.

Trail Schedule
Monday 3/17 Steel Bender
Tuesday 3/18 Kane Creek
Wednesday 3/19 Behind the Rocks 0800 meet time Citi Market
Thursday 3/20 Triple Threat night run
Friday 3/21 Top of the World

The MOABJEEPER staff will be heading out from City Market at 7am every day for trail runs. We are not leading any groups, but we certainly won?t stop any like-minded private citizens who want to drive the trails at the same time we are. MOABJEEPER Magazine believes strongly in proper trail etiquette, and we will stop to assist anyone broken down along the way. As always, we strongly encourage readers to join Red Rock 4-Wheelers for the official group runs whenever possible. But we also understand that their spots fill up quickly, and you may not be able to run all the trails you would like with them.

To avoid interfering with Red Rock?s official runs, we will be running the Golden Spike trail Thursday evening rather than in the morning. The tentative run time is meeting at the Poison Spider Trail head at 4:00 pm..

Due to unforeseen events, the trail schedule is subject to change at any time.

Alright, it?s going to be CROWDED! Easter week is kind of like a train wreck you have to participate in. Be patient, know that there will be crowds, and enjoy the spectacle.

For all of you first timers, or first time coming to an early Easter Safari, bring warm clothes. What? Ok, yes Moab is in the desert. We have cactus, rattlesnakes, and lots of sun. However, it does still get cold and on occasion even snow. Historically early Easters tend to have unsettled weather, and we don?t want anyone getting caught without cold or wet weather gear. A few years ago it snowed so bad that highway 191 was closed; and the Ox Locker rep, George Seiler, had to change his flight since he was grounded in Moab. Of course we could also have nice spring-like weather and sun. Prepare for the worst and have a great time.

After a long day of wheeling, there is nothing better than sitting down to some good food. But we must caution you, Moab is a small town with like three stop lights. Meaning? it?s small. When all the Jeepers roll in to town, we easily overwhelm the restaurants. Plan ahead and be patient.

Now here are some of our favorite restaurants & a couple of fast food places.

Moab Brewery
686 S Main St, Moab
(435) 259-6333
This is MJ?s favorite spot. Menu is full range from burgers & fries to a steak dinner. Indicative of the name? It is a brewery, and they have a number of cold specialty beers on tap. Service is good but the servers are easily overwhelmed during EJS. Request drink refills early. It may be a while before your server makes it around again.
MJ Food Critic: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Zax Wood Fired Pizza
96 South & Main
We like Zax?s. Good pizza, good salad bar, and we like the atmosphere after a hard day on the trail. The menu has plenty to offer, but we go there for the Pizza buffet. Only gripe: they can?t keep the pizza?s coming fast enough. Again request drink refills early. It may be a while before your server makes it around again.
MJ Food Critic: 4 stars

Eddie McStiff?s Brew Pub
57 S Main
Full menu, louder atmosphere, and they have cold beer.
MJ Food Critic: 4 stars

Moab Diner & Ice Cream Shoppe
189 South Main
It?s a diner; it has a traditional American diner menu.
MJ Food Critic: 3.5

260 N Main St
For those with GPS: N 38° 34.631 W 109° 33.034
Of the three fast food restaurants listed, we suggest Wendy's. Quick food, good parking, and they take debit cards. Oh, and why the GPS coordinates? When looking up the address for Wendy's they were listed.
MJ Food Critic: 3 (which is better than McDonalds or Burger King)

640 South Main
It?s McDonalds; you know what they have. We mention them because they are a quick food option. However, they don?t take debit cards, but will gladly send you over to the ATM located in the McDonalds where you can get money for a hefty ATM ?Service? charge (Hopefully this policy will change, but we still carry cash when going there).
MJ Food Critic: It?s McDonalds! Why are you looking for a score?

Burger King
38 North Main
They accept debit cards, but our experience over the years is that they are slow. Even with less business coming through the doors, expect to wait longer than the other fast food places.
MJ Food Critic: Are you still looking for a food score?

Moab has a number of gas stations, but the cheapest stations are the Maveriks on the north and south ends of town. Getting in and out of the northern gas station can be tough due to the amount of traffic and location. MJ's recommendation is to get gas the night before your trail run. The gas stations get overrun in the morning when everyone is heading out for the day.

City Market
425 S Main Street
This is the main grocery store located on the east side of the street in the center of Moab. They also have a gas station in the parking lot for convenience.

Allen Memorial Hospital
719 W 400 N
Moab, UT 84532
(435) 259-7191

Vehicle Repair
Moab 4X4 Outpost
1805 South Highway 191
MJ has done business with the Outpost for a number of years. The crew knows what they are doing and will take care of you, but be patient. You?re not the only one to have pushed your rig too hard.

Checker Auto Parts
1026 South Main St
(435) 259-9449
Service matters, and we really like the people at this Checker store. How best to describe this Checker store? Big chain store; small town friendliness.

Carquest Auto Parts
356 S Main St
Good store, knowledgeable staff, OK prices.

Napa Auto Parts
65 W 200 S
It?s Napa, so they cost a little more. But we have found things we needed there that others didn?t have, and the parts are good quality.

Final Thoughts

The staff compiled this list to provide you with most everything you will need to know before heading to Moab. We suggest printing this out (print tab at the bottom) and putting it in your glove box.

MOABJEEPER Magazine staff contact phone numbers.
George "Moab Man" Pandoff: 801-628-8211
Dennis "Doc" Jones: 801-884-3534

MOABJEEPER Magazine staff will be on CB channel 4.

We look forward to seeing as many readers as possible out there on the trail enjoying your Jeeps and the Moab scenery. Please introduce yourself and show us your rig.


Our Thank You's!

Photo's by Larry Davis.

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