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Moab run, Incognito!

Article written by Dr. Jones

Date Added: 09/24/2007

For the last five years, yeah it?s been that long, MJ has been leading trails for both our readers and our sponsors.

In all the day-to-day business of MOABJEEPER Magazine, it would be easy enough to lose sight of the pure enjoyment of wheeling Moab.

Where am I going with this?

Recently Robert (last name withheld due to witness protection program) contacted MJ to see if we were heading out to Moab for the Labor Day weekend. Well, putting two and two together, I decided that in this celebration of Labor; I should dump all my magazine responsibilities for the weekend (don?t tell the boss) and escape for a labor free Labor Day.

So my reply to Robert? yes, we did have a run going in Moab for the weekend (well, not so much ?we?, but now I had a Moab run). With an impromptu tossing of gear, (lightly tossing) children, and wife into the TJ; we headed off to Moab to meet up with Robert and his crew.

Hmmm? I should probably tell you who Robert is, of course without revealing his secret identity. Robert is a long-time reader of MJ and previous survivor of an MJ run. Apparently he enjoyed himself (yeah we don?t understand it either) so much that he decided to make a trip out again with his father and some friends.

All told, a total of six Jeeps, no boss, and just wheeling for the fun of it. So follow along as we share our trip pictures of wheeling Moab for fun!

"The Wedgie" This one is always good for photos, a bit of pucker, and showing how well rubber sticks to the slickrock. Honestly, there is nothing to this obstacle, but don't tell you friends while you scare the crud out of them.
This wall really doesn't have a name other than Charles Wells, "Guide To Moab, UT Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails" refers to it as the tippy spot. We call it, ?How much of your pickup truck bumper did you want to scrape??
Top of the Waterfall: This little wall offers quite the range of steepness. Part of it is no worse than a steep driveway. As you move further to the right (passenger side), it gets steeper allowing you to test your throttle control. Enough spin to get up the obstacle, but not so much that you're not going anywhere.
Don't I look MARVELOUS!?!
TJ's are known for their incredible flex, and I'm here to show you that somehow I was able to overcome this capability and lift a tire on a smooth ramp.
YES! That really is a JK on the trail.
One of the many rolling slickrock domes Moab is famous for.
This would appear to be an XJ climbing a hill, but you're wrong. I had just told him we all wiped snot on his rear bumper, and he was trying to get it off.

Final Thoughts

In the end we all had a great time. We celebrated Labor Day and I avoided it (labor). The question is what to do with the receipts? I?m sure with a little bit of fading the receipts in the sun I can slip them in for reimbursement.

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