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Llama Bumpers

Article written by MOABJEEPER Magazine

Date Added: 03/23/2007

Recently MJ picked up a new sponsor, Llama Bumpers. Since this is a relatively new company, and many of you are unfamiliar with the name; we thought we would interview Jared Rose, President of Llama Bumpers.

MJ: We would like to thank you for coming on board with MJ and advertising your product here. With that in mind, we would like to ask you some questions about Llama bumpers, Jeeps, and Moab? cool?
Llama: Sound great! Fire away.

{Keep reading; there is a $50 discount offer from Llama bumpers at the end of the article.}

MJ: How thick is the plate you use on your bumpers?
Llama: Every bumper is made out of 3/16? plate..

MJ: Do you, or will you offer powder coating?
Llama: We prefer to sell our bumpers as raw steel. This not only keeps the cost of the product down, it also saves on shipping by not having to pack the bumpers in a way to protect the finish. Our goal is to keep cost as low as we can, so that a quality bumper is affordable to everyone.

MJ: But what if they really, really want it done?
Llama: If a customer really wants it done, we can work something out. After all, a satisfied customer is most important.

MJ: Which Jeep is best: CJ, YJ, TJ, or the new JK?
Llama: On that question I have to go old school? the CJ. Styling and looks just can?t be touched.
MJ: Correct me if I?m wrong, but don?t you drive a TJ?
Llama: Yeah, I?m guilty of liking the ride of the TJ suspension. One day maybe I will cross a CJ look with the TJ suspension.

MJ: Is Llama growing into other areas like sliders, armor, etc?
Llama: We have plans to grow into these areas. It will take some time as we develop and test some ideas.

MJ: Speaking of growth, any plans to get into Toyota?s or any other vehicle brands?
Llama: For right now we want to stay in the Jeep market. We certainly don?t rule it out; and if the market presented itself, we would consider it.

MJ: Bumpers are pretty straight forward, but do you have a warranty?
Llama: Our bumpers come with a 90 day warranty against manufacturer?s defects.

MJ: When a customer orders one of your bumpers what is the expected turn-around time?
Llama: Typically a person will have their bumper within 15-20 days, possibly sooner depending on sales volume.

MJ: Everyone knows that Moab is, or at least should be, the number one destination for any true Jeeper? how many times you been to Moab?
Llama: {unintelligible}
MJ: I?m sorry, what was that?
Llama: OK! I admit it? I haven?t been there yet. My plan is to take the TJ out there next year after I get done modifying it.
MJ: What mods do you have planned?
Llama: I?m planning to drop in a 4.7L stroker from Titan Engines. Then swap in D44 axles and of course lockers.
MJ: Sounds like this will be a badass rig when she is done. We'll let you slide on not being in Moab this year.

MJ: Back on topic? why the name Llama? How about Aardvark Bumpers? Is there some story behind the Llama we should, or shouldn?t, know about?
Llama: {chuckle} Maybe I?m weird, but I just like the animal. They are supposed to be easy going, and most people enjoy having them. One day when I?m old and gray, I think I might just retire and raise Llamas.
MJ: Well ok then? but don?t count out the Aardvark.

MJ: Enough with the animal farm, how long have you been in business?
Llama: We have been custom fabricating bumpers for three years. Demand for our bumpers grew to the point that we decided to make the business official under the name of Llama Bumpers. So I guess ?officially? we have been around six months now.

MJ: One of the prominent logo/links on your Llama Bumpers website is for Duplicolor. Why is that?
Llama: As I said earlier, we prefer not to finish bumpers ourselves. However, in our experience we have been very satisfied with the Duplicolor vinyl-type paint and recommend it. You can apply it with a roller, spray gun, or out of an aerosol can. The stuff really sticks to the metal (when properly prepped) and can be patched if you scratch it on some jagged rocks. Most people will never really damage it; it?s great stuff.

MJ: You offer a number of accessories for your bumpers: weld through clevises, light tabs, and such. If a person purchases these options, do you install them?
Llama: We will happily install any options purchased for no added cost.

MJ: One of the accessories you offer is a frame tie-in for the rear bumper. Who do you recommend this for?
Llama: If you are running tires larger than 31?s, or plan to carry gas cans, you should really use a frame tie-in. The crossmember the bumpers attach to is sheet metal. Dragging any bumper across the rocks, or the stress of a good sized, off-road tire mounted on a steel wheel can stress this crossmember rather easily.

MJ: Two more questions. What size tires can be mounted to your rear bumper tire carrier? And what would you want people to know about Llama bumpers?
Llama: Our tire carrier will handle up to a 38? tire. However, you must use a frame tie-in for any tires larger than 33?. The last thing we want is someone to damage their rig by not having it set up properly.

What one thing would I want everyone to know about Llama Bumpers? We want each customer to feel as though we assisted them as an individual and not just another number passing through. This is why we are more than happy to discuss your purchase with you and customize each bumper to meet your needs.

MJ: Thank you for taking the time to share some details about your company. We want to welcome you to MOABJEEPER Magazine, and we look forward to showing you around Moab next year.
Llama: Before we end this interview, Llama Bumpers would like to extend to your readers the Llama Bumpers 50/50 offer. If you will email Llama Bumpers with the names and addresses of interested readers, we will give the first 50 of them each $50 off their bumper purchase.

Final Thoughts

MJ: Thank you for the Llama Bumpers 50/50 offer, and we will get these names to you as they come in. Again, Thank you Jared.

For those interested in a free $50 discount toward the purchase of a Llama Bumper, please email:jeepinjoe@moabjeeper.com

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