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For you, the readers.

Article written by MOABJEEPER Magazine Staff & Moab Man

Date Added: 01/31/2007

Last year, during Easter Jeep Safari 2006, Adventure Bob and I came upon a couple of guys pedaling their new Jeep magazine called JRations.

We stopped to hear their pitch, get a free t-shirt, pick up a copy of their initial issue, and off we went. During the sales pitch, they told us all about how they are different from all the others. They had a cool video/tech CD included with the magazine and some other stuff that we honestly don't remember. I mean, we had already heard this pitch from numerous other companies all day.

So why are we talking to you about them? Because interestingly enough, we did find the magazine to be different from the other wheeling rags on the shelf. The articles did not have the flavor of an infomercial in print. Instead, they seemed to come from enthusiasts whose love for Jeeps had not hardened over the years. Because of this and sharing similar business objectives, JRations and MOABJEEPER Magazine have been in negotiations over the last few months to take two great products and do even more for our readers.

Starting with the release of this announcement and the release of JRations Standard Issue 5, the two companies will run crossover articles between the two mediums, electronic and paper. This will benefit you the reader with a greater range of product reviews, event coverage, and scoops on inside industry news.

If you're a subscriber to any of the big name Jeep and off-roading magazines, you will have noticed that within a couple of month?s time they all seem to recycle the same articles with little fresh material. The MOABJEEPER Magazine staff can assure you this will not happen here. The purpose of this arrangement is to strengthen two great products and not lighten the quality content of either.

Each company will have individual benefits as well. JRations will now have broader access to markets where their magazine is not currently stocked. And MOABJEEPER Magazine gains access to markets for those that prefer a paper magazine in hand.

In addition to the crossover articles, we are working on some other great ideas for you the reader. Stay tuned.

Final Thoughts

Take the time to look for JRations at your local book store. You won't be disappointed.

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