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Tom Woods 1310 CV

Article written by Adventure Bob

Date Added: 12/17/2006

Tom Wood?s throws his hat into the ring with the release of his new 1310 driveshaft CV.

Why is this important? For years, about the only option you had when your CV joint gave up the ghost was another Dana Spicer CV. Settle down; were not knocking Dana Spicer. It?s a good product and has been the standard for years. However, evolution and competition are great things.

Enter Tom Woods...

The biggest difference that sets the Tom Wood?s CV apart is the material choice. Other CV?s are made from nodular iron whereas Tom uses steel. This allows the joint to be both stronger and thinner (where allowed) due to the superior strength density of the steel.

But why listen to us when you can hear it from the man himself?

MJ: Tom, we understand you have been wearing your mad scientist hat and created a new CV joint for your 1310 driveshafts. Looking at yours and Dana?s, what?s different about yours?
Tom: Others may look similar,,,, but with our 1310 series CV driveshaft, we use our specially made socket yokes. They are manufactured to the tightest tolerances and made from steel rather than cast nodular iron.
MJ: We noticed that parts of your CV assembly are a bit thinner, why?
Tom: The unique profiles reduces stress risers and yields the highest flexibility and strongest CV on the market.

**Whoa! Tom is an engineer and speaks engineerees. What he just said was certain shapes are stronger than others. A superior design redirects and disperses stresses better. Additionally, under load, a certain amount of flexibility is desired.

MJ: Your CV seems to be missing that little hole. Why is that?
Tom: Elimination of the center relief hole provides for a positive pressure greasing and ensures the correct flow of lubricant when servicing.

**Engineerees translation: No hole = no grease escape.

MJ: The main housing of the CV seems be sleeker as well. What can you tell us about that?
Tom: Our 1310 series CV center housing is also made from steel for the utmost strength. We used special contours and shaping for improved strength without sacrificing flexibility. The bearing bores have increased contact area with the universal joint bearing cap netting the most stable and strongest fitment possible.

**Engineerees translation? We don?t think you need one at this point. Like myself, you?re probably starting to understand what Tom is saying.

MJ: When do you plan for your CV to hit the market?

Tom: I anticipate that we will put these into full use at the beginning of 2007 (January).

MJ: What about price? I?m guessing it will bump the cost of your shafts a bit more?

Tom: We will keep our driveshaft prices the same. These new parts will not increase their cost. Incidentally, we have not changed our prices for over 3 years!

Final Thoughts

Is it wrong to expect another home run hit from Tom Wood?

MoabJeeper Magazine has been an integral part of the real world testing, and we're happy to report that once again Tom has delivered. The new CV will continue to reside under the Turtle while we rack up the miles.

Our Thank You's!

MoabJeeper Magazine appreciates the opportunity to continue working with such a fine company that shares the same common goal of connecting wheelers with the best product available.

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