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Barney Product Review

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 12/03/2006

Although Barney has been down for a while due to trail injuries, we still want to keep everyone up to date on how the products have been doing since being installed.

Follow along as we cover each product.
Viair 450C: We originally chose this product over its competitors because it has a 100% duty cycle. With three years of use, we have no complaints. An engine driven compressor is much faster but for the price this electric compressor gets the job done.
Sun 2.5 Gallon Air Tank: What can we say? It does its job well.
Shrockworks Sliders: These sliders have been abused like no other slider we have tested. I say abused because it was well outside of "fair" testing. However, the slider didn't seem to know the difference, and without a doubt this slider continues to be our "Top Choice."
M.O.R.E. Sport Cage: This product was tested thoroughly in a complete sideways roll and 3.5 foot drop. We would never suggest you actually doing this, but we can say that this cage kept its integrity and the occupants safe. We have total confidence in this cage in a roll.
Tom Woods SYE & Driveshaft: We have the basic SYE kit on Barney. There was a minor issue with a rear output housing seal. Currently we seem to have it corrected and will follow up to confirm all has been corrected.

Nothing to report on the driveshaft. It does its job and leaves us alone. Could you ask for more?

Super 35 30 Spline Axles: WOW! We have been running this setup for five years now, crawling every inch of Moab. While some have said ?Don't waste your money; buy a D44.? Unfortunately, D44's don't grow on trees and are not readily available for a fair price. So without hesitation, we can recommend the Super 35 for those that haven't found the D44 tree growing in their backyard.
Detroit Locker: This full carrier locker had been running in conjunction with the Super 35 kit. The locker is quiet and actually quite civil once you learn how to adjust your driving style.
D30 OX Locker: This D30 selectable locker has been running for 2.5 years without a flaw. The only point to mention is the cable. It can be a little difficult to route in a front axle application. Take your time and get it right, otherwise you could end up with the cable in the tires.
Torque Monster Throttle Body Spacer: This has been on Barney for a few years. We like it, and it helps the little four banger pull a bit harder.
Lube Locker: You can't expect a good thing to last forever. We really liked this product, and it seems that a "good thing" lasted three axle oil changes before it started to seep. The product performed as it should before it just could not be compressed any longer to make a tight seal.
Harbor Freight 8000lb Winch: This winch has been on the vehicle for four years now. If the winch gave up and died tomorrow, we feel that we got more than our moneys worth. It has done its job every time we have called upon it, and at $300 how can you complain?
Redneck Concepts Synthetic Rope: The first thing that attracted us to this product was the price. It is considerably less than many of its competitors. We have truly appreciated the additional safety that rope offers over cable. At the four year point, this rope is showing a bit of wear but nothing worse than is to be expected.

A word of caution for those considering this rope or any other. You must use a rope the right way. It can not be dragged across rock or sharp edges. If you can live with this slight adjustment in using your winch, then you will have no problems using a rope.

Bestop Tire Carrier: This is the oldest product on the Jeep at about six years now. It is by far the best bargain on the market for an aftermarket tire carrier, and the lightest. To date we have had to adjust the carrier one time.
Bestop Modular Rack: The rack has two years of use, and the plastic of the carrier has held up great. A slight fading of the black, which is to be expected under the constant desert sun, has occurred but no warping.

When we first reviewed this product, we questioned the strength of the tie-down eyelets. They have not been a problem, but we are careful to not overstress them and only use bungee cords and not ratchet straps.

LiteGrip.com Flashlight Mount: This product has been in the Jeep for a couple of years now. It's great always being able to locate the flashlight without searching, especially at night.
LiteGrip.com Shift Knobs: Having had enough with cheap aftermarket knobs that use a "universal fit" plastic sleeve, we had Barney fitted with LiteGrip Billet Aluminum Knobs for both the transmission and t-case. The knobs look and feel great. The anodizing has held up far better than we expected being such a high-use hands-on item.

Final Thoughts

There it is, Barney in review. We have been very fortunate in our product selections and hope that this has helped you, the reader, in choosing quality products for your Jeep.

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