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Holley Pro-Jection Install

Article written by Don Martin

Date Added: 06/05/2006

670 CFM Pro-Jection®
Two Barrel Digital
GM, Chrysler, Ford & AMC V-8s

There isn't really much to the install of this fuel injection kit even though I sometimes made it harder than it was by over thinking.

I already had an aftermarket square bore intake, so I was able to remove the Edelbrock carburetor and install the adapter plate. I then mounted the throttle body.
Adapter Plate
TBI Passenger side view
The fuel lines is where I spent a lot more time just thinking than really working. The directions say to run 5/16" fuel line for the supply and return lines. My CJ5 had a 5/16" supply, but only a 1/4" return. Plan A was to cut my perfectly good supply line to install the pump and filters. This would end up removing most of the steel line for hose, since the CJ5 is not that long, and then running a new return line. I did not like that idea. If the system didn't work, or if I was unhappy with it, I wanted to be able to revert back to the carburetor to keep the Jeep on the road. Cutting lines was out of the question.

What I did do was run a new supply line and use the original supply line as my return line. Once I had come up with this approach, I had the fuel lines ran in about 90 minutes.
Not having much room to work with under a CJ-5 and having dual exhaust made it difficult to find a spot low enough for the fuel pump. It has to be close to the tank but not too close to any exhaust pipes. I finally installed the pump just in front of the rear axle on the inside of the frame. I tried to mount it as low as possible but not below the frame, and it should be protected with the spring mount just below it. This is also an easy place to access the pump if I need to replace it.
I mounted the metal fuel filter just behind the first tub mount. It is just behind the headers and clamped down to stay above the frame. This is also a well ventilated area to hopefully cut down on vapor lock.
The wiring is pretty simple. Half of the harness is water tight plug-in connections. The only wires you have to add terminals to and attach are:

YELLOW - Fast idle solenoid
BROWN - Temperature sensor
PINK - Ground for small block applications
RED - Main power lead
Black - Ground
White - Tachometer trigger

At initial startup, I had a problem with my fuel pump not spitting out any fuel except for one little squirt. I checked all the wires but for some reason the pump would not run once the motor was cranked. I fixed the problem by just running the pump on a switch. That way you can't start the Jeep until the switch is turned on.
The ECU is to be mounted inside the cab of the vehicle in a well ventilated area. I couldn't fit it under the dash and couldn't put it in my glove box since I have a Tuffy. With plenty of wiring, I toyed with the idea of mounting it under the passenger seat; but I wanted it somewhere I could easily reach it to make adjustments if needed. I finally found that it fits perfectly under the cup holder tray behind my Tuffy console and is readily accessible.
ECU mount

Final Thoughts

I finally got the Jeep running, made a couple adjustment on the ECU and the idle smoothed out nicely. I took a couple runs to make some more adjustments, and it is running so much better than the carburetor. The throttle response is great and it feels like there is much more power now.

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