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Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifters

Article written by JeepinJoe

Date Added: 07/01/2006

Say while you?re out wheeling, you drop off a ledge in the trail; and your fully loaded Jeep comes down hard and bottoms out.

Or maybe your rear axle hits that big rock you thought you would clear. Next thing you know, you hear the metallic sound of something dragging on the ground.

You stop to investigate and find that your lower shock mount is either broken in two or ripped right off the rear axle tube. You pull out your tools, remove the shock, and limp it back home. You think??now what am I going to do?? You could weld the stock mount back on just to have it break again, or you could do what I did and install new shock mounts from Nth Degree Mobility.

Aside from the stock mount ripping off, I also didn?t like the stock location because the shock rubbed against my aftermarket exhaust?s tailpipe. I also had to use shock relocaters on the lower mounts to keep the shock from hitting the lower spring perch. In addition to all those problems, after lifting the Jeep and adjusting the pinion angle, the lower shock mounts are especially vulnerable to rocks. There may be several separate products on the market to cure nearly all these problems, but only one that cures them all.

The installation of the Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifters is an easy, straightforward process. Read the directions ahead of time so that you know what to look out for and how the product is installed.
I was concerned that the new shock location would interfere with the disc brake conversion kit I planned on adding to my rear axle. Nth Degree put a notice in the directions of what to look for. I had no problems with the placement of the lower shock mounts whatsoever.
I didn?t change anything except for the location of the shock mounting position by installing the kit. After the installation, I took my Jeep for a ride and instantly noticed a difference. It felt like I had new shocks. I gave a friend a ride home from work and even he said, ?What did you do to your Jeep? It rides a lot different.? The rear end is quieter and more stable over bumps and potholes. It was a fantastic experience on the pavement, but I needed to test them on the trail.
On the trail, my Jeep felt more stable and it didn?t seem to rock from left to right as violently. Articulation was smooth and concise. I felt more attached to the trail with less rocking. The Jeep got quieter with the Shock Shifters. I didn?t hear the shock hitting the exhaust anymore, which made me very happy. Overall, the experience both on and off pavement was awesome.

Final Thoughts

Some of the benefits I liked about this product, other than handling and the ride, is it moves the lower shock mounts behind the lower control arms away from the exhaust and spring perches. You can see the difference in the distance between the differential and the wheel. They are heavier steel too, which makes them much sturdier than the old stock mounts.

The Shock Shifters can be puchased directly from Nth Degree. Make sure you tell them you read it on MoabJeeper Magazine.

I would like to thank Nth Degree Mobility for their hard work and dedication to engineering this product and my dad for teaching me how to wrench in order to be able to work on my Jeep.

Our Thank You's!

MoabJeeper Magazine would like to thank JeepinJoe for writing this review on his latest modification.

--MoabJeeper Magazine--

To throw my two cents in, this product is outstanding. During Easter Jeep Safari 2006 I jumped between vehicles so that I could take pictures of everyone wheeling. The ride quality of JeepinJoe's TJ, when compared to all the other TJ's, was simply unbelievable. It was rather nice not being thrown side to side.

This will be my next modification!

--Moab Man--

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