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Rock Sliders for the Grocery Getter XJ

Article written by Suave

Date Added: 06/15/2006

At a recent ?Jeep? show we ran into the guys from Outer Limits Motorsports (at the time they were Factory Tubular Motorsports -FTM) and started talking with them about the kind of work they do.

We were so impressed by the quality of their work and who they supported as a customer base (i.e. UROC), that we decided to go check them out. Custom work will cost a little more, but the quality and workmanship we saw was downright amazing.
After a few visits to the shop and realizing that these guys really know what they are doing, we decided to let them take on the challenge of creating custom bumpers and rock sliders for the Grocery Getter.
We first asked for some sliders to replace the Tomken set we had on the Cherokee. We initially put these on as a means to quickly ensure that no extra body damage would be incurred at EJS of ?04.
After EJS it was obvious the Tomkens were not up to abuse of rockcrawling, and we needed something more substantial to protect that precious unibody. After discussing some ideas with the FTM folks, we decided to give them the Jeep for a week and let them work their magic.
?WOW!? was exactly what I said when I saw what they had done - this design is awesome. The picture shows how simple the slider looks, but the strength behind the work is what every XJ needs.
Three mounting points were welded onto the "frame" to ensure stability and strength.
Then, OLM took it a step further, ensuring the three arms extending from the slider had support along the weak and fragile seam along the underside of the body itself. (Most aftermarket ?bolt on? sliders have an attach point on the seam, but if you really take a look, you see how flimsy that piece of metal is.)

Final Thoughts

OLM is nothing short of awesome workmanship and all about making it right for the customer. With XJs and sliders, the ONLY way to go is to have the sliders become ONE with the vehicle, and OLM really knows how to get this done.

We?ve tested the sliders on one trail so far, and believe me, these things will stand the test of time. I look forward to seeing what OLM has in store for bumpers.

Our Thank You's!

Thanks OLM - you guys did an awesome job!

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