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Outlaw Mirrors

Article written by Tom Dube

Date Added: 06/30/2006

A Jeep with the doors off is like cake with Ice cream. Many owners of YJ's and TJ's love to ride with the doors off, but depending on what state you live in, the law may require that you have side mirrors. Even for those states that don't require them,

I have been looking for a side mirror that would fit this task. Some of my requirements were: Ease of installation, Anti-vibration, Size of mirror and Durability.

American Outlaw Products has produced just that mirror.

Unlike other mirrors that use either a small pin inserted into the hinge or a special relocation bracket to install mirrors, the American Outlaw mirrors fit over the existing hinge and have a nylon tipped set screw. The section of stainless steel tubing that fits over the hinge is rubber coated to resist marring and vibration, and the nylon tipped set screw adjusts to fit any hinge diameter up to 1?.
Installation is easy.

1. Slide the slotted tube over the hinge and tighten the set screw.
2. The mirror is mounted to the tubing via a ball and socket. Behind the socket are three screws that need to be loosened so you can adjust the mirror.

3. Sit in the driver?s seat and make your adjustments.

4. Retighten the screws, so you can just move the mirror. This way if it gets bumped, you will be able to re-adjust it in the future.

Note: If you have a snorkel on your jeep, a slight adjustment to the snorkel tube will have to be made. Use a heat gun to soften the plastic tubing of the snorkel. Mount the mirror on to the hinge and press the curved tubing against the softened plastic. This makes for a custom fit. If you do not have a heat gun, or if you do not wish to modify your snorkel, a ½" spacer can be added to the snorkel mount on the windshield frame to make room for the mirror tube.

Also, If you have installed windshield mounts for lights, the bottom torx button head bolt will have to be replaced with a torx flat head bolt.

When American Outlaw designed these mirrors, one of the key elements they required was anti-vibration. I totally agree. Nothing is worse than looking at a side mirror and seeing a blurred reflection because of vibration. American Outlaw incorporated a rubber seal around the mirrored glass. The base of the tubing also has a rubber coating to absorb vibration.

Many of aftermarket mirrors I have seen are smaller than stock size. The American Outlaw mirrors are large but not over size. Getting used to them was easy. Randy at American Outlaw told me that he designed these mirrors to be tuff. American Outlaw used stainless steel tubing for the strength and durability. The outer case of the mirror is heavy grade plastic. Randy at American Outlaw told me to install them, and go out on the trail putting them to the test. These mirrors can take the rigors of the trail.
Here is an added feature of these mirrors.

When you are wheeling or rock crawling, Remove the driver's side mirror, go over to the passenger's and mount it up-side down on the lower hinge. Now you can watch your back tire on the passenger side for clearance. Take the passenger mirror and do the same on the drivers side

Final Thoughts

The American Outlaw mirrors mount fast. Slide them on, tighten the sets screw and you are ready to go. The quality is top of the line. This product was well thought out for the recreational Jeeper that loves to ride with the doors off.

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: American Outlaw Products
Phone: 1-813-909-9665
Contact Person: Randy
E-Mail Address:
Website: www.quadratec.com

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