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Cliffhanger Jeep Rental

Article written by Adventure Bob

Date Added: 06/01/2006

Have you ever wanted to wheel in Moab, but weren?t quite brave enough to take your daily driver out on the rocks? Don?t have a Jeep but wanted to come and play during Easter Jeep Safari? This year, we found a solution with Cliffhanger Jeep Rental.

Brad Knight and Trevor Arehart offer a fleet of seven new Rubicons with 3? Tera Flex lifts on 33? tires for $175 a day or $900 for the week. If you?re with a group that rents 3 or more Jeeps, the guys might even be persuaded show you around a little bit. If you?re a little intimidated about driving someone else?s new Rubicon off into the wilderness of Moab, Cliffhanger offers full coverage insurance for $50 per day, but they prefer that you use the rental car rider found on most insurance policies.

?There?s a lot less hassle and paperwork that way.?
Cliffhanger also offers glass and tire insurance for $20 per day in case you?re a little paranoid about the cost of replacing a window or a new 33? tire. Gas is on a ?pay as you go basis,? meaning that you should return it at the same level as when you left, or they will charge your credit card for the gas and labor it takes to fill it up.
Just like any other car rental agency, Brad is tolerant and fair when it comes to his fleet.

?We expect fair wear and tear, but we ask people not to abuse them. They?re Jeeps; they?re not indestructible. We do this so people can enjoy [rock crawling]. If they don?t own a Jeep or don?t want to take theirs. We expect them to have the courtesy to not beat up the Jeeps so the next guy can?t enjoy them.?
Brad explained his policy on care of his Jeeps this way: ?I know rock crawling is hard on vehicles, so we?re pretty lenient [about damage]. Control arms, skid plates, sliders are going to get scraped; we know that and that?s what they?re there for.?
Trevor added, ?but if you bring it back with the bumper bent back at a 90 degree angle, you were abusing it, and we?ll have to charge you for the damages.?
Reimbursable damage also includes anything that renders the Jeep un-drivable or damage to the body panels.
Brad and Trevor do have some limitations on where they?d like you taking their Jeeps.
?Primarily it?s to protect the customers. While a 3? lifted Rubi on 33?s is capable of nearly anything out here, many of our customers don?t have the experience to be on trails like Pritchett Canyon, Behind the Rocks and Poison Spyder.?
While Brad is a pragmatist and admits he can?t stop you from attempting those trails in his Jeeps, you will be responsible for recovery if you don?t make it.
?It costs a lot of money for someone to go into Pritchett to recover a Jeep. Customers are liable for the recovery, the repair and the rent for every day it?s in repair as a result of the damage. By ignoring the rules they have essentially taken a Jeep out of my fleet.?
Cliffhanger works in conjunction with the Archway Inn and can arrange package deals and discounts on rooms and Jeeps if you book them together. They offer a "Jeep and Sleep" package during peak season, which is two nights in a queen suite, a day of Jeep rental and a $50 gift certificate to the Sunset Grill for $350. Any time you stay at the Archway and rent a Jeep, it knocks $16 off your Jeep rental bill.
Having all this explained to me, I was set to inspect one of their Jeeps and lead a trail run into Hells Revenge. First thing I noticed when I was checking out the Rubi was how new and how green they are. Did Jeep ever sell that color to anyone else? The Jeeps appear to be in great condition cosmetically and mechanically; so you look good and you won?t be stranded in the middle of nowhere. This was my first time driving a Rubi, so this was a learning experience for me as well. A Rubi on a 3? lift is a very capable vehicle. The pushbutton lockers, 4:1 transfer case, CD player and air conditioning were a huge change from most of the Jeeps I wheel. The whole process was as simple as signing out a regular rent-a-car and driving away.
Before we get to the capability of Cliffhanger?s Jeeps on the trail, I do have a couple of recommendations. We always require folks that wheel with us to have a fire extinguisher and a CB. These two cheap pieces of safety gear can save a life. A bikini or safari top would also be an outstanding addition; we were toasted from the Moab sun after our trip.

Final Thoughts

I led seven vehicles into Hells Revenge and the Rubi made me actually look like I knew what I was doing. None of the obstacles were even the slightest issue. I never scraped a bumper or drug a control arm. I did lightly scrape the transfer case skid plate once, ever so slightly. People who have watched me drive know I?m all about trying to figure out the best way to break something and this was no exception. I do have to say I was impressed with the Rubi. Maybe when the Turtle dies, I?ll replace her with a Rubi. It just seems to easy though, to buy a Rubi, lift it 3 inches and slap on some 33?s and be that capable. If I only had the disposable income at the ready.

Cliffhanger Jeep Rental owners: Brad Knight and Trevor Arehart


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