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Blitz Fuel Can Comparison

Article written by MoabMan

Date Added: 05/30/2006

When MoabJeeper Magazine attended the first annual Chili Express run from Lehi, Utah to Wendover, Nevada, we took the opportunity to try out two different types of gas cans from a well known company, Blitz.

We decided to do this comparison because we didn?t have the ability to store the gas cans on the outside of the vehicle. This raised a number of concerns.

1. Will the cans give off any dangerous fumes?
2. Will the cans leak any gas?

With this in mind we decided to compare the $7 plastic gas can from Blitz versus the metal gas can, or Jerry can, from Blitz, which will cost you considerably more at $23-30.
First we will start with the plastic can from Blitz. Filling it to the recommended level is not a good idea. As soon as I put the plastic nozzle in for storage, gas immediately started to spit out. After cleaning up the mess, I closed the can, strapped it in, and went on my way thinking I was done messing with this can. I was wrong! It was just the beginning?
Before we even got to the trailhead I started to hear a little hiss coming from the back of my Jeep, and then the fumes hit me. This happened a number of times throughout the trip. No matter how hard I tightened the cap, it always vented and seeped gasoline.
My next problem with this can came up when I actually went to fill up the Jeep. I noticed there is a ventilation spout at the end of the gas can's nozzle. This made the can completely useless by preventing the nozzle from going into the Jeep's fill tube. Fortunately we had the other gas can to poor the fuel into.
How about the metal can from Blitz? It worked out wonderfully, at first, with no issues at the pump or on the trail.
The problem arose when I put the fill nozzle into the gas tank. I found myself with the Blitz Jerry can permanently attached to the Jeep. Inside the Jeep?s fill tube is a metal flapper. Once the metal nozzle was in the fill tube, the flapper would catch the nozzle, not allowing it to be removed.

Final Thoughts

Neither can performed the way I would have hoped. The plastic can leaked fuel, and the fill tube would not fit the vehicle, making it unusable. The metal can allowed us to refuel, but made removal of the nozzle difficult at best.

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