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Brinkman LED Flashlight

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 05/11/2006

So, why is MoabJeeper Magazine telling you about a flashlight?

Well, a flashlight is one of those things you really don?t think about until you need it. What?s even more frustrating is when you finally find your flashlight, it has weak batteries or possibly a dead or broken bulb.
This is where the Brinkman LED Flashlight comes in handy.
The flashlight has four white LED lights that are nearly indestructible. No more dropping the flashlight only to find the bulb just broke! Each LED can be expected to burn in excess of 100,000 hours.
Here is the best part - LEDs consume very little power. This means the batteries in this flashlight will last considerably longer than a standard flashlight. You can select between a full power four LED light output and a battery-conserving two LED light output. This adds to the flashlight?s already impressive overall battery life. Due to the low power draw of this flashlight, you can use batteries that would be considered dead in any other device. Another plus is that when the batteries weaken, you still have hours of burn time left unlike a traditional flashlight that would be dead within the hour.
This flashlight is made with durable plastic. The handle is sleeved with a thick rubber for grip, and the on/off switch is protected under a rubber bubble. Several o-rings add to its water resistant construction.
My concern with this flashlight was the plastic construction of the light not holding up to the unavoidable droppage. Let me say that with repeated impacts, the flashlight has held up just fine. It has some minor scarring, but is still fully functional.
Included with each flashlight is a red and blue lens cover. These are great for not messing up your night vision. And little kids think they?re pretty cool!

Final Thoughts

I have been a long time fan of LED flashlights. Battery life is outstanding, durability of the bulb can?t be beat, and I can just trust the light will work when I need it. Also, the vibrations accompanying any Jeep ride don?t affect this flashlight in the slightest, another quality not seen in most regular flashlights. This LED light has definitely found a permanent home in my Jeep.

These lights are available at Walmart for $19.99

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