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Press Release: DEI Radiator Relief

Article written by DEI

Date Added: 05/07/2006

Design Engineering?s Radiator Relief® Solves Major Cooling Problems. 

CLEVELAND, OHIO ? Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), a leading aftermarket supplier of heat control products to the motorsports and automotive enthusiast markets, now offers one of the most effective means to improve an engine?s cooling efficiency, and as a result, improve performance.
DEI Radiator Relief (p/n 040104) is a proven coolant additive that provides up to 30 degrees reduction in engine operating temperatures and 50% quicker warm-up time -- a benefit for those cold morning start ups. Radiator Relief is compatible with water and all types of anti-freeze products, block sealants, leak-stop products, and other cooling system additives. It is compatible with all metals: aluminum, brass, iron, magnesium and steel.
Radiator Relief has a viscosity 33 percent less than water, thus reducing the resistance to heat transfer. This allows the heat of combustion to move from the cylinder heads and cylinder bores into the coolant with less resistance. The encapsulated heat is also released to the core tubes quicker when it reaches the radiator. Since Radiator Relief is thinner than water or anti-freeze products, it thins the overall mixture and allows the coolant to flow more freely throughout the system.
A single 32-fluid ounce (1 qt/945 ml) bottle of Radiator Relief will treat a 15-qt (14.175 L) cooling system. Remove a quart of coolant from the cooling system and replace with Radiator Relief. No pre-mixing or other preparations are required.
DEI Radiator Relief is for all internal combustion engines, for street, commercial, four wheeling, and competition use. It is approved for use in all climates. And because it is 100% biodegradable, non-corrosive, and non-toxic, DEI Radiator Relief is an environmentally safe product.

Final Thoughts

About Design Engineering, Inc.

Design Engineering, Inc., founded in 1995 in Avon, Ohio, is the leading developer and supplier of automotive heat protection technology for the specialty equipment market. DEI offers more than 125 products designed to reduce engine and passenger compartment heat, and protect critical under-hood components from heat damage.

For more information on DEI Radiator Relief and other DEI thermal tuning products:

Visit www.designengineering.com

call 800-264-9472

email: sales@DesignEngineering.com

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