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Don't Screw With The MOJO!

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 03/02/2008

Easter Jeep Safari is less than 2 weeks away! So we pulled this one from the archives because it's a great read, and crucially important stuff with many of our readers arriving in Moab. Please enjoy the trip back in time.

{Originally ran circa 2003}

So what is "MOJO"?

Easiest way to put it, it's much like superstition, except for being real. But it is not that simple. You see Mojo exists only when you know it is there.

For example, a couple of years ago while running with some of the National and Utah Nissan Xterra Club I tried to explain the importance of Mojo as we prepared to run the Metal Masher trail in Moab. If you don't know, when running this trail you will pass the Goonie Bird Rock and must run over the toes for good luck or Mojo. Unlike a superstition, if you don't follow it, it really doesn't matter, but break the MOJO, and the Moab Gods will have their way with you. They must be appeased for your disrespect.

With the Gods being mocked by two members of the Xterra Club we had two breakdowns. Guess which two, yup the two that chose not to run over the toes because it's just a silly superstition. They failed to understand the difference between Mojo and superstition and paid for it. One with a sheered leaf spring bolt and the other a blown radiator hose.

So you need more evidence? On another run with Dawg, and his son, they failed to appease the gods with an appropriate offering at the grave on Poison Spider Mesa. Most know what happened with that one, but if you don't... Dawgs son rolled the Jeep shortly past the grave. All who followed the Mojo were fine and suffered no breakage or rollage.

This brings us to the point of the story for those that continue to disbelieve in MOJO. As many of you know MOABJEEPER Magazine ran Moab over the Labor Day holiday. As is standard when running the Golden Spike Trail, we stopped off at the grave of the girl that Poison Spider Mesa is named after. As I said, Mojo doesn't exist unless you know of it. The "Lost Boys" didn't know of the Mojo about tossing coins on the grave for good luck until I told them. Now that they knew of the Mojo, they must comply or disrespect the Gods. Reluctantly, and I believe out of peer pressure, Dr. Jones finally tossed a few pennies on the grave unlike FrozenW & Nips who tossed a quarter to buy real good Mojo.

Off we go until for no other reason, than angering the Gods, Dr. Jones snaps a front u-joint on his axle. Common denominator like the others... failure to obey the MOJO!

After a brief evaluation we continue on until the Golden Staircase where Dr. Jones snaps his rear driveline. I believe it was a hidden fear and recognition that he broke the Mojo and made a confession. In addition to throwing a couple pennies on the grave, he also tossed a busted u-joint cap onto the grave apparently infuriating the Gods further.

At this point we started to back away from the Lost Boys. So far they have snapped their front u-joint, broke the rear driveshaft, and now just above them, lightning starts to race across the sky. We all knew they were sure to be lightning struck by the Gods.

As the three of them crawled around under the Cj trying to get it up and running again, I believe they each made a pact with the Moab Gods begging forgiveness. Shortly afterwards the clouds moved on and they lived.

Final Thoughts

This bring us to the point, DON'T SCREW WITH THE MOJO! It will be bad for you.

See you in Moab for Easter Jeep Safari 2008 and heed the warnings above.

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