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I've Got a "Woody"

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 05/07/2006

Anytime a short wheel based Jeep is lifted, even as little as two inches, driveline vibrations can result. If not dealt with, these vibrations can prematurely wear out components on either end of the driveshaft.

To correct for these vibrations many companies sell transfer case lowering kits which are only band-aids and not corrections for the problem. Unfortunately for many of us the correction, a slip yoke eliminator (SYE) and CV driveshaft, is just not affordable, typically costing around $600. Fortunately Tom Woods (Tom Woods of driveshaft fame) has a package deal of a SYE for the NP231 and a genuine Tom Woods ?Woody? driveshaft all for $400 (after refunded $200 core charge).
So how does Tom do it this cheap? The factory shaft is parted off then new splines are precision machined onto the remaining portion of the out-put shaft behind the rear out-put bearing. (This is the same spline diameter and tooth count as the Dana 44 differential). The out-put shaft is then drilled and tapped.

Now let me address any strength concerns you might have. There is an all too common thinking ?I must have bigger, stronger, better!? Sure, there are stronger SYE kits available for a higher cost but why must you have stronger? The factory NP231 can be found behind V8 one quarter ton pick-up trucks weighing far more and with considerably more horse power and torque without a complaint.
Here is, in my opinion, the best part of the deal. As a part of the package deal you receive a genuine Tom Woods ?Woody? driveshaft.
The short and simple is that Tom?s driveshafts are known for their quality and strength. Each driveshafts ?Gold Seal? u-joints and slip are greaseable for long term durability. Another benefit to a ?Woody? is that if your vehicle continues to grow upward the driveshaft can be lengthened.
Finally, if the driveshaft alone is not sweet enough, Tom also includes his own limited lifetime warranted ?Gold Seal? u-joints. These u-joints are manufactured to Tom?s exacting specs and are warranted for life.
The instructions included with the kit are excellent, but I will include a few points that I wish I knew ahead of time.
1. Some transfer case main housings will have a slight raised lip where the rear output shaft housing attaches. This can make it difficult to split the two apart.
2. If you still have the factory o-ring on the speedo cable you can expect that it will not seal on the new housing due to age. I was unable to get this o-ring through any source other than the dealership due to it being a flat surfaced o-ring. Per Tom?s instructions he suggests smearing a slight bit of RTV silicone where the speedo cable will slide back in. This worked until the o-ring snapped due to its age.
3. When separating the t-case halves and rear output housing, be as gentle as possible because they are ALUMINUM.
4. When removing the seal plate (1997+) on the output shaft we strongly suggest a 2 or 3 arm puller.

Final Thoughts

You simply can?t beat this package deal! You spend money to lift your vehicle and then you go and lower the t-case to make it all work. For less than the cost of a new set of tires you can get back the height and extend the life of other driveline components.

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts
Address: 2147 N. Rulon White Blvd.
Building #1 Suite #103
Ogden, UT 84404
Phone: 1-877-497-4238
Website: www.4xshaft.com

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